The Romantic Angst of a Middle School Outcast (excerts from my diaries)

I  kept diaries from about age 9 until well into my twenties.  My five year middle school journal is my favorite for all its comedic gems.  If I strain hard enough I can see the beginnings of a romance writer, or I could’ve just been the typical, boy-crazy ten year old. 


Like any romantic, I loved me some Moonlighting. When I was 8 years old, I had my bedtime extended so I could watch the full hour. You can almost feel my desperation:

another day no moonlighting

And then there was the ultimate romantic 80s movie, Dirty Dancing. Was it really a cliff hanger?

Dirty Dancing

A random musing by a child seeking excitement:

never seen a cop chase

Then there was my obsession with boys. I wrote about boys Every. Single. Day:

obsessed with kevin

I was already formulating romantic story lines:

kevin and wes fighting over me

But, sadly the boys didn’t like me back and no one danced with me at school dances:

dance-no boyfriend-must be ugly

dork who no one will dance with

It wasn’t all bad:

i love you out bus window

Another boy, another obsession, a couple years later. My flair for the dramatic noticeably increased.

don't know who he is but love him

In conclusion, the roots of my obsession with everything romance was apparent from a very early age.

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