Sinful in Vegas

She pretended not to be married. He pretended not to know. She slipped her wedding ring off when she saw him. He purposefully looked the other way. She spoke to him first. He acted as if he didn’t know what she wanted.

But he knew her type. He’d worked in Vegas long enough to spot them a mile away. Midwestern, sexually frustrated housewife in Vegas looking to have a good time. Sometimes he played along, sometimes he didn’t. It depended on the woman and the situation.

This woman was hot. A raven-haired beauty. Tall, leggy with a round booty that captured his attention as soon as she stepped foot into his bar. Her breasts weren’t particularly big, but the way her dress hung over them, as if one false move could expose them, drove him crazy. She had deep, blue eyes that he couldn’t turn away from. She said she was 30, so he figured she was at least 35. But she didn’t look a day over 25.

Her husband was a fool. He was cheating on her with his assistant. And it wasn’t some hunch she had, the result of a suspicious mind and over-active imagination. She had seen the texts. She wanted to leave, but they had kids. She just wanted to have “fun” while in Vegas.

He listened sympathetically to her liquid-courage fueled story as he tended bar. Her friends bored her. They wanted to sit by the pool. Take guided tours. They went to bed at 11:30. She wanted to go dancing.

He promised to take her dancing as soon as his shift ended. He felt genuinely bad for her. He wanted her to have a good time. He wanted to be the one to show her one. He wanted to take it as far as she would let him.

So when his shift ended, they danced. She was a good dancer. She turned heads. Women looked at her with jealousy. Men admired her. She shook her round ass right into his crouch. He spun her around ground his hard dick against her.

They didn’t dance long before she invited him to her room. He kissed her neck in the elevator. She tilted her head back and moaned. It’d been so long since anyone kissed her neck. It’d been so long since anyone touched her. He lamented about how sad that was and promised to change that.

As soon as she shut the hotel door, he kissed her deeply. He held her as she grew weak in the knees. She leaned into the kiss and pushed him against the door. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him.

They kissed as he carried her to the bed. He laid her down on her back. She pulled the straps of her dress down, exposing her perfect breasts. He kissed her neck, slowly working his way to her nipples. He squeezed one nipple as he nibbled on the other.

She screamed with pleasure.

He smiled against her breast.

He continued slowly kissing his way down her stomach, pulling her dress down as he went.

When he made it to her panties, he stopped. She begged. He pulled her dress the rest of the way off. Then her soaking wet panties.

He kissed her mound first. Drove her crazy with desire until he gave her what she wanted and tongued her clit. He probed inside of her with two fingers and told her to fuck them. She did as she was told.

She screamed that she was going to come. He didn’t let her. He put on a condom and slipped inside her. He rocked against her gently at first and then more rapidly, increasing his rhythm with every stroke. He lifted her ass and shook it as he fucked her. She gasped in amazement at his ability. No one had ever done that to her.

She screamed as she came. He gave her a few more thrusts before he felt his own explosion of pleasure and collapsed onto the bed beside her.

Then came the awkward part, but she made it easy on him. She told him she wouldn’t be offended if he didn’t spend the night.

He took his cue, told her he had a good time, and left, proud of himself for showing a deserving lady a good time.


  1. I what way is it “from a man’s perspective” according to you ?
    I am curious…

    • Yeah. I always write how the woman is feeling. I probably should’ve said from the man’s point of view. I wanted to change things up a little.

  2. Sorry my question was stupid. I misread your tweet and thought you were trying to “write like a male writer would”.

    Sorry about that.

  3. Another good episode. Allura.

    Maybe you could lose some of the ‘he’s, there are a lot. Like this – ‘He kissed her neck, slowly working his to her nipples. He squeezed one nipple as he nibbled on the other. ‘ Change to ‘…..her nipples. Squeezing one nipple he nibbled on…..’

    Maybe you could extend the sex part too.

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