Jasmine’s Discovery

Jasmine wanted excitement.  She wanted thrills.  She wanted to feel sexy.  Young.  Desirable.  But Jasmine was a single mother and a librarian.  Her life was dull.  Her clothes conservative.  Her body covered.  Her days filled with  screaming children and inconsiderate adults.

Until she met Terrence.  He made her feel sexy again.  Young.  Desirable.  Everything a woman wanted to feel.  Terrence wanted Jasmine to love her body like he did.  He wanted her to understand how her body affected him.  How he couldn’t stop thinking about it when he was away from her and why he couldn’t keep his hands off her when he was with her.

So Terrence made Jasmine undress in front of a full-length mirror.  Stare at her reflection as she unbuttoned her blouse.  As he helped her take it off.  Look at how well she filled out a bra.  Watch as he unclasped it for her and as he slipped it off her arms.

Jasmine tried to look away as Terrence ran his hands up her body, but he gently reminded her to watch.  He ran his hands over the curve of her hips, up her sides, to her breasts.  He gently rubbed her nipples with his thumbs.  She inhaled sharply.

Terrence smiled and told her to concentrate.  Take off her skirt.  And then her panties.   Watch as he took off his pants and boxers.  Told her to look at his reflection.  He wanted her to see how she turned him on.

Terrence sat down behind Jasmine and pulled her down too.  He guided her onto him.  She inhaled sharply as he slid into her.  He told her to ride him.  Play with her breasts as he massaged her clit.

She wanted to lean her head back.  Close her eyes.  But he held her chin in place. Made her open her eyes.   Terrence made her watch herself as they fucked.  Made her watch as she rubbed her clit.  As she moved against him, desperately working herself  toward climax.

And Jasmine liked the show.  She loved watching Terrence’s expression.  She see how she turned him on and it turned her on.  But her own reflection turned her on more.  She watched her breasts shake as she moved faster.  She watched as she squeezed her nipples.  Her reflection and his help made her have the most intense orgasm of her life.

Now Jasmine wears her skirts a bit shorter.  Doesn’t button a couple of the buttons on her blouse.  She notices when men look at her.  She knows she’s sexy now.  And she’ll be forever grateful to Terrence for showing her.


  1. Beautiful piece, sometimes you need someone else’s love to give the confidence to be and believe in yourself….

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