Lita’s Revenge



Lita’ boyfriend made her furious.  He sent her a link to a video on how to give a blowjob.  No conversation first.  Just a link in an email, entitled “For you.”  When she got mad, he broke up with her for being “too sensitive.”  So she watched the video.  She learned how to give the perfect blowjob.  And then she used what she learned on someone else.

Lita knew who to practice her newfound skills on.  She had a co-worker who had a very obvious crush on her. Mark became visibly nervous around her.  He always found reasons to talk to her.  Sent her funny links and jokes while at work.  He’d be the perfect recipient.

Lita decided to invite Mark out for drinks, explaining she had just been dumped and needed a drink and some companionship.  Mark jumped at the offer, as she knew he would.  He was quite cute about it really.  He spent the day looking at potential places to go.  Presenting her with lists of restaurants and bars to choose from.  She knew he was hoping for something to develop between the two of them.  She smiled to herself.  He was in for a treat.

Over drinks, Lita confessed to Mark that she had always liked him.  And well, now that she was free, maybe they could try getting to know each other a little better.  She was met by enthusiastic agreement.  He confessed his true feelings for her.  He’d always like her.  He’d always hoped she’d like him back.

When she suggested they go back to her place, he jumped out of his chair and asked for the check.   Ever sweet, he held her hand as they walked to her place.  He spoke in great detail about how wonderful he thought she was and how stupid her boyfriend was for letting her go.  She was so glad she picked him.  She could not have picked anyone more deserving.

Once at her apartment, she grew bored with small talk and asked him to kiss her.  He kissed her gently, tenderly, like a man in love.  She felt an unexpected stirring within her.  She hadn’t expected to feel anything for him.  And yet she did.  She felt herself longing for him.  She kissed him more passionately and he responded.

She unbuttoned his shirt.  Felt muscles she didn’t know existed.  She kissed his chest.  He ran his fingers through her hair and moaned her name.  She kissed her way down his stomach to his navel and began working to unbutton and unzip his pants.

He pulled his pants and boxers down as she reached for a condom.  She put the condom in her mouth, put her mouth on his dick, and slowly unrolled the condom. Once on, she licked all the way up one side of his dick and down the other.  Then she got to work.  She took in as much of him as she could, causing herself to gag with each thrust.  Her eyes watered.  Sweat formed on her brow.  Spit accumulated on the condom and in her mouth.

She took a break.  Pumping her hand with just the right amount of force while she sucked in unison with each pump.  She listened as he repeated her name.

Then, she got back to work.  Gagging with each thrust.  She heard him say he couldn’t take it anymore, but she didn’t stop.  She didn’t stop until she heard him exclaim “Oh my god!” and felt his dick throbbing in her mouth.  She pulled her mouth from him causing a long string of spit to follow.

Lita felt such a great sense of pride.  She smiled broadly.  She could do it.  She could give the perfect blowjob.  She didn’t even think about him returning the favor.  She was too happy with herself to care.

But he did return the favor.  As he laid there, trying to catch his breath, he asked her to undress.  He wanted to see her.  She did so slowly, putting on a little strip tease for him.  He smiled at her efforts.

And then he caressed her nipples.  Tenderly kissed them.  Kissed his way down her stomach until he reached her clit.  He began by rubbing it.  She begged for more.  He responded by sucking on her clit.  Then moving his tongue over it.

She moaned loudly, barely able to withstand the pleasure.  It’d been months since anyone had gone down on her. Then he began fingering her.  The pleasure was too intense.  She came almost immediately.

She felt a high like no other.  She laughed.  Complimented his abilities and he did the same for her.  She realized what having an unselfish lover was like.  She had forgotten.  And so she decided to keep him around.  For being so good.  For making her remember.  For being a friend.

After she left his place, her ex-boyfriend called wanting her back. Lita simply thanked him for sending her the video link, for enlightening her, and told him she’d put the lessons she learned to good use.


  1. revenge – what a bitter bitch 🙂

  2. Wow, that went down well with my breakfast! Great write.

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