Secret Fantasy

I want to be bad.  I want to take off this damn business suit and put on a short, skin-tight dress.  I want to show off my curves.  I want men to drool over me and women to hate me.  I want to be the exact opposite of who I am now.

But I need a guide.  A man to show me the way.  A man who wants me to be sexy, to show me off, and parade me around with pride.  A man who thinks I deserve attention.

And I think I found him.  He’s a little rough.  A little menacing. But that’s exactly what I want.  He can show me the way.

Our first time together was almost more than I could handle.   He wanted me to take my hair down.  So I did.  He wanted me to take off my suit jacket, my blouse, my skirt, my bra and panties.  But he wanted me to leave my boots and thigh-highs on.

He admired my body.  Ran his hands up my sides.  Over my breasts.  Gently caressed my nipples with his thumbs.  Made me so wet.

Then he tied up my hands and told me to get on all fours. He spanked my bare ass.  Made me tell him to do it again.  Beg him to spank me.

He flipped me over.  Got out my nipple clamps.  The ones I kept hidden.  Tightened them around my nipples until he heard me scream.  Pulled on the chain that connected them.

He sat down.  Directed me to get on my knees.  Pulled my head to his dick.  Each time I went down his shaft, the chain pulled.  He moaned.  I whimpered.

I needed to fuck him.  I tried to stand.  He pulled me back down by my hair.

“Not yet,” he said, “You’re not done.”


My eyes watered.  I gagged.  I sucked him like I’d never sucked anyone before.

Until he stopped me.   He pulled me by my chain.  Pulled me to my feet.  Told me to get on top of him.  He held my chain in his teeth as I rode him.  I came within minutes.

He didn’t let me rest.  He turned me around.  Fucked me from behind.  Pulled me up by hair every time my tied hands slipped.  Fucked me until he came and I came again.

Now I can’t stop thinking about him.  How he made me felt.  What he made me do. Everything I always wanted. More than I could fantasize about.  And I want him to show me more.

Now he wants to take me out.   He wants to see me in a short, skin-tight dress.  I just want him to take it off me.


  1. oooooo Love this fantasy …. titillating read 😀

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