Strip Show

Edit:  for those of you here searching for strip clubs in Key West I believe this one is Teasers.  It doesn’t exactly match my memory, but this happened a very long time ago.

Many years ago, I went to a strip club in Key West, Florida while on vacation.  It wasn’t my decision.  My boyfriend and his best friend suggested it in a moment of planned spontaneity.   As soon as he suggested it, I realized why he had been so insistent on doing so many shots at our early dinner.  I was about to decline, thinking myself too drunk to handle myself, but his friend’s girlfriend readily agreed and seemed excited to go, so I acquiesced.  I was too drunk to say anything anyway.  I couldn’t be anything more than along for the ride.

He didn’t say it, but I knew my boyfriend wanted me to explore my sexuality.  I don’t consider myself bisexual. I don’t develop romantic feelings for women.  I never look at women in public sexually. But I love to watch lesbian porn to the exclusion of all other kinds. I love to see two women truly enjoying each other, doing everything women actually like and not what men like them to do.  And I love seeing beautiful women naked.

We walked up a long flight of stairs to a small strip club on the second floor of a shopping center complex.  None of the windows were covered and the club was well lit by the strong summer sun.  The club was small as far as strip clubs go and probably due to how early it was, empty with the exception of a few men sitting at couple of tables.  There was one small stage in the corner, flanked on its sides by mirror-covered walls.  It had one pole, which was being worked by a young, sexy Latina woman, who was naked with the exception of a g-string.

We went up to the stage and sat in the first row of chairs.  The stripper smiled when she saw us.  Customers!  She began putting on a show.  Sliding up and down the pole, legs spread and spinning as she did so.

I was amazed by her talent.  I took a $5 bill from my purse and slipped into her g-string.  She rewarded me by grabbing my head and rubbing my face in her crotch.  I smelled her aroma.  It was the first time I ever smelled another woman’s pussy.  I was honestly laughing too hard to be turned on by it though.

I discovered my sexy Latina was a lesbian when her girlfriend came out of the VIP area and began yelling at her for rubbing her pussy in my face.  While I watched the argument unfold, I saw another argument developing out of the corner of my eye.  The girlfriend of my boyfriend’s best friend, who had been so insistent on coming the strip club, was now arguing with her boyfriend.  She hadn’t been prepared for this level of raunchiness and stormed out of the strip club.  Her boyfriend chased after her.

It was then that I was approached by a beautiful blonde stripper who seemed be free of emotional baggage.  She kindly offered me a lap dance.  My boyfriend agreed before I could think of a response.  I don’t know whether I would’ve had the courage to yes if he hadn’t agreed for me.

I’m glad he did.  The stripper was beautiful.  She was a tall light-skinned blonde, whose breasts were at least a large C cup, overflowing her bikini top, which was too small to contain them.  I was so focused on her body and so drunk that I don’t much remember what her face looked like, but I do recall thinking that she was clearly too attractive to be working in such a hole-in-the-wall strip club.

She took us to the small VIP room, closed the curtain that served as its door, and sat us on a small sofa.  The three of us were alone.  I was nervous, but she spoke to me so kindly that I loosened up.

She seemed to enjoy herself as she began dancing for me.  I must have been a nice change of pace from the sweaty, male tourists she was used to giving lap dances for.    She smiled as she untied the top strings of her bikini, her breasts shaking as they came out of their binding.

With her breasts already exposed, she didn’t bother untying the remaining strings of her top. Her bikini top hung between us as she got closer to me, spreading my legs and arching her back as she began grinding against me.  Her breasts touched mine.  She cupped my breasts in her hands and lifted one of my legs, placing it on her shoulder as she continued grinding against me.  I’d never had a woman so close to me. I was glad to be wearing shorts so she couldn’t feel my panties dampen as she rubbed her body against mine. I was so engrossed by her that I forgot my boyfriend was in the room and he had enough sense not to talk.

Afterwards, she spoke to me as if I were one of her girlfriends.  She had me feel her breasts and tell her whether they felt fake.  My boyfriend volunteered to feel.  I laughed at his obvious excuse to touch her boobs.  She laughed as well, but did let him feel both her breasts.

We left the strip club and headed straight for our hotel room, both of us so excited from my lap dance.  He went down on me with abandon.  He made me tell him how much I wanted my little blonde stripper.  Made me beg him to let me fuck her.  And I did beg.  I begged until I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

After that, my boyfriend and I regularly visited strip clubs, but nothing ever compared to that hole-in-the-wall strip club in Key West.


  1. Maybe I shouldn’t ruin it, but all of this is true with the exception of how turned on I was during the lap dance, she was chatting with me the whole time, and I don’t remember if we even had sex after.

  2. lovely story … I was a bit turned on reading it .. but I am bi – and while not actively searching for a “play mate”; I too enjoy watching Lesbian sex because of the level of eroticism.

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