Needing Him

He’s been gone for so long and I need him here with me.  I need to feel his hands on my body.  Running down my legs and up my inner thighs to my stomach.  Running over my breasts and then down my back to my ass.

I need him to undress me.  Lift my dress up over my head.  Admire my body as I stand in my bra and panties, his eyes drifting down my body from my full breasts to my hips.  I want to return his smile as I do a little strip tease for him and playfully take off my bra and panties.

I need him to throw me onto the bed.  Take control the way only he can.  Never asking for permission, rather doing what he does so well that he makes me want to do it.  Making me want to follow his commands.

I need to lie naked on the bed as I watch him undress.  As I admire the muscles hiding under his shirt.  Watch him unzip his jeans and pull them down. I need to watch as he exposes himself to me, showing me his arousal.

I need him to grab my hair and make me suck his dick.  Make me gag so hard I see stars.  Spit trailing from my mouth as he pulls me off of him.

I need him to return the favor.  Play with my clit with his tongue as he fingers me, bringing me to the brink of ecstasy but not allowing me to reach it.  Not before he can tell me to get on my knees so he can fuck me from behind.  Not before I can feel him enter me.  Feel myself coming close to the edge but not going over.

I need to scream as he plunges into my ass.  Play with myself as he fucks me harder and harder.  Listen as he slaps my ass.  And yell out in pleasure as I come.  Tell him I can’t take anymore as he grabs my ass and fucks me harder until he comes.

I need him here next to me, holding me and telling me how much he loves me.


  1. Such a sensual and alluring way to stare such needs….

  2. THIS. IS. HOT.
    How do you know exactly what I’ve been thinking?

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