ABC’s of Sex: C is for Corrupt

The following is a rough draft of a story that will hopefully be turned into a short film, in which a model will be brought in to act it out-without the sex.  At the end of each short film, the word will come on the screen.  It’s hard to write a story knowing these parameters.  I can’t have a male in it and the sex has to be taken out.  Anyway, here goes nothing:

She used to be so innocent.  Was so she shy.  Dressed so conservatively.  She wore long skirts, blouses buttoned all the way up, and heels that weren’t too high. She kept her sexiness hidden and her desire in check.

Until she met me.

She liked me and wanted to please me so badly.  I knew it and took advantage.  I wanted to see how far I could push her.  So I encouraged her to drink too much wine.  Then I kissed her slowly and longingly.  I wanted her to feel my need for her.  When she began to whimper softly, I knew it was time.

I started slowly and asked her to do a little strip tease for me.  The question embarrassed her, but she wasn’t displeased.  She covered her smile with her hands and shook her head no.

But I persisted.  I told her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to see the body she kept hidden.  I kissed her again.  This time more passionately. She returned my kiss with equal force.  I knew she wanted me.

I didn’t stop kissing her as I took both her hands and placed them on the top button of her blouse.  She obediently unbuttoned the first button.  And then the next.  I stopped kissing her and watched as she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and took it off.

I kissed her again.  This time I brought her hands to the zipper of her skirt.  She didn’t need more prompting.  She stood, unzipped it and let it fall to the floor.

She started to take off her stockings, but I stopped her.  I wanted them on.  I asked her to take her bra off instead.  This time, she didn’t need prompting.  Her shyness, her innocence, had faded away in her desire to please me.  She took off her bra and let it fall to the floor.

She stood before me naked from the waist up.  I reminded her to take her panties off.  I wanted to see all of her.  She obeyed.

I asked her to touch her breasts, play with her nipples.  When she did so without hesitation, I knew I had her.  She even closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

From my place on the couch, I brought her hands down to her clit and told her to play with herself.  I helped her at first, but she soon took over, lost in desire.  Her knees bent as she the pleasure mounted, but she remained standing.

Her eyes closed, she began speaking, repeating, “Oh my god.”  I wasn’t even sure if she remembered I was there until she came, licked her fingers, looked up, and smiled at me.

She’s not so innocent anymore.  And I don’t think she ever was.


  1. I love your sensual style of writing. Everything is alive! At the end you write “And I don’t think she ever was”. Very true even in times of innocence we are deeply eager for love and lust.

  2. It woyld be interesting to see how they execute this, wonderful write…

    • I was trying to write the first one to make it somewhat easy. Model acts shy, embarrassment, reluctant, and gradually gets more and more into the strip tease. Maybe show guys hands to better convey the message. At the end of each, the word will pop up on the screen. Not much of an ending though. Maybe a sly smile from the model.

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