ABC’s of Sex: V is for Voyeurism

Lyla liked to be watched.  She loved an audience. Stripping for strangers turned her on.  She loved seeing the looks on their faces as she got naked. It was the only thing in her otherwise boring life that excited her.  That’s why she loved dancing at the peep show.

Gina liked to watch.  She couldn’t help herself.  She loved the feeling she got when she put in $5 and the partition slowly fell, gradually exposing the dancer behind it. She loved the feeling she got from watching something so seemingly unacceptable.

It was only a matter of time before Gina found herself sitting in Lyla’s booth.  Gina was instantly fascinated by Lyla.  She was different than the other girls. The other girls seemed worn out in comparison.  Past their prime.  Unenthusiastic.

Not Lyla.  Lyla was the opposite of all that.  Lyla was young, beautiful, and seemed to love her job.  She had long dark hair, which she whipped vigorously as she danced.  She sore a sexy corset, ruffled panties and fishnet stockings.  Gina was instantly hypnotized by her.

Lyla was amused when she saw Gina.  Lyla saw a girl who looked like was on break from her office job.  She wore a nice blouse, long black skirt, and heels.  A totally work-appropriate ensemble.  Her flaming red hair was pulled back into a bun.  Nonetheless, Gina was sexy.  She looked like the stereotypical naughty secretary.

Usually Gina did nothing more than watch.  But Lyla triggered a response she couldn’t control.  She felt her body screaming for Lyla. She found herself unbuttoning her blouse and rubbing her hands over her breasts.

Lyla saw Gina’s reaction and found herself unable to look away.  She lost her concentration.  Her dancing slowed to a stop.  She wanted to watch.

Gina noticed Lyla’s loss of concentration and it turned her on.  She saw the look on her face.  The pleased curiosity.  She felt encouraged.  She took her shirt off.  Then her bra.  Ran her hand over her bare breasts.

Lyla wanted to participate.  She took off her own bra.  She ran her hands down her body to her panties.  She began rubbing her clit.  She stared at Gina as she played with herself.  She placed her hand on the glass that separated them for balance as her knees began to weaken.

Gina smiled and began playing with herself.  She rode her fingers in the chair, never taking her eyes off Lyla.

They came together.  Lyla sunk to her knees, laughing, enjoying the release.  Gina smiled and blew her a kiss.

Now you can find Gina dancing at the peep show.  And Lyla is her best customer.

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