Mariela’s Dilemma (Part 1)

She thought he was leaving her.  That’s why she did it.  She took him at his word.  So she found a stranger, took him home and slept with him.  Tried to forget.  Get over the pain of it.  But, it didn’t work.  And now he wanted her back.

But the stranger wanted her too.

Mariela blamed herself for the argument that led to the demise of her relationship.  She shouldn’t have pushed Michael like she did.  She shouldn’t have demanded he stop talking to his best female friend.  But she had been jealous and drunk and couldn’t stop the words that were coming out of her mouth.  She couldn’t turn off her anger.

Michael had gone to the fair with Kate.  He had ridden the ferris wheel with her.  Won her a stuffed animal at one of the booths.  It sounded too much like a daten to Mariela.  She didn’t know Kate or if Kate had feelings with him.  Maybe Michael secretly pined for Kate.  She didn’t know.  And to make matters worse, Mariela had asked him to take her to the fair.  She felt like he had chosen Kate over her.

So Mariela let her anger loose and Michael responded poorly.  He didn’t apologize.  He didn’t see things from Mariela’s point of view.  Instead he became furious.  And when Mariela demanded he choose her or Kate, he chose Kate.

Mariela found herself heartbroken, alone and instantly regretting the bottom line she had given him. She called her best friend who told her what she already knew: she should’ve cooled off and made a logical argument about Kate.  She shouldn’t have issued an ultimatum.  And she should give him space and time to get over it.

Mariela gave Michael a day before she texted him.  He ignored her.  She became desperate.  Said she wanted to talk to him so she could have closure.  Begged him to talk to her. He had to talk to her.  They had been together six months.  But, he didn’t.  He seemed to be able to just completely cut her out of her life.

Mariela assumed the worse:  Michael was done.  What else was she supposed to think?  If he wanted time to think, he could’ve said as much.  He didn’t have to tell her things were over.  He didn’t have to choose Kate.  He didn’t have to hurt her.

Mariela got angry.  She needed to get out of the house, but she didn’t want to hang out with her best friend.  She didn’t want to hear about how wrong she had been.  She wanted to get drunk and try to forget.

So she went to her uncle’s tavern.  Her uncle served her drinks and asked why she was alone.  So she told him.  He played the role of sympathetic bartender perfectly.

When her uncle left for the night, Mariela planned to leave too, but a stranger stopped her.  A tall, dark and handsome stranger with sympathetic blue eyes.  She didn’t remember much of what happened next.   She remembered his name was Charles. She remembered him telling her that Michael was a fool. She remembered agreeing.  She remembered dancing with him.  Feeling his body close to hers as they swayed to the music.

She remembered wanting to forget, so when Charles asked her to come back to his place at closing time, she agreed.

She didn’t remember much about the cab ride to his apartment.  She didn’t remember who kissed whom first.  But she remembered the sex.

The kind sympathetic man was gone as soon as he threw her onto the bed.  He was replaced by a rough, demanding man.  He commanded her to undress for him.  And she found herself wanting to obey.  She wanted to unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor.  She wanted him to find her sexy.  She was too drunk to feel modest.  She smiled as she saw took off her bra and then her panties.  She started to take off her stockings and boots, but he stopped her.  He wanted to fuck her with them on.

He pulled her down to lay next to him.  He fondled her breasts as he kissed her deeply.  She moaned against his lips.  She let the pleasure consume her.  She worked to unbutton and unzip his jeans.  He helped her take them off.  She found him underneath his boxers and began messaging him.  He grunted then broke away from her so he could finish undressing.

She was on him as soon as he finished.  Kissed down his muscular chest while messaging him.  Listening to him grunt and moan as she worked her way to his shaft.  She heard him curse as she took him in her mouth, encouraging her to suck with abandon.  He pulled all her hair up in his hand, controlling how much of him she took in and causing her to gag with each thrust.

He finally pulled her up by her hair and forced her to get on her hands and knees.   He praised the roundness of her ass.  Told her to arch her back so he could admire it fully.

She screamed out in pleasure as he entered her.  She moaned louder and louder with each thrust as her pleasure quickly began to crescendo.  He pulled her hair, spanked her, and forced her to tell him how good it felt.  She begged for him to fuck her harder, spank her harder.

He let go of her suddenly and she collapsed onto the bed.  But he didn’t let her rest.  He forced her to taste herself.  Suck all the remnants of herself off his dick.

Then he told her to get on top.  She inhaled sharply as she felt him slide into her.  He let her take control.  Let her ride him how she wanted.  Slowly at first then increasing rhythm.  Feeling him hit her in exactly the right spot.  Coming closer and closer to the edge until she fell over in a heap as waves of pleasure rippled through her body.

He flipped her onto her back.  Fucked her hard and fast until he collapsed on top of her.  Panting.  Sweat dripping onto her chest.

She forgot about Michael as she fell asleep in Charles’ arms.  She didn’t think about Michael until the next morning she when she checked her phone and discovered a text from him.  It said simply:  “Let’s talk.”


  1. asyouwish says:

    You write some really hot stuff, Allura. Gotta cool off now lol.

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