Taking Control

I like to take control and he let’s me.  I straddle him as he sits on the couch.  I massage his shoulders as I kiss him.  I nibble on his ears and then his neck.  I unbutton and unzip his pants.  Get on my knees.   Pull out his hard cock and lick up one side of it and down the other. 

He inhales through his teeth as I take all of him in my mouth.  Messaging the base of his dick as I angle myself perfectly to take most of his dick in my mouth.  Saliva drips onto my hand, which only encourages me to go faster.

He grunts like I’m about to push him over the edge, but I don’t let him.  I stand before him and slowly take off my clothes revealing the lace panties and bra that hide underneath.   I let him admire me for a moment before taking off my bra and panties. 

I run my hands over my breasts.  I place his hand on my pussy and tell him to play with my clit.  I pinch my nipples.  I whimper briefly before demanding he finger me.  He does as he’s told and I rock against his fingers. 

I change positions, getting on all fours and demanding he continue fingering me.  He sits on the couch abiding by my demands.  The sight of my ass is too much of a temptation for him.  He smacks it.  And I tell him to do it again.  Harder. 

When I can’t wait any longer, I sit on him.  I inhale sharply as I slide down him.  I fuck him eagerly, hard, fast.  I feel the pressure of his hands on my ass as he feels its fullness rocking in his hands.

We come simultaneously. I look at him he lays panting, head back, eyes closed, and feel proud.  I did that to him. 


  1. asyouwish says:

    this is great stuff, short, sweet, and very hot. love the write.

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