ABC’s of Sex: B is for Bicurious

I’ve always had a sexual attraction toward women.  I can’t ignore it.  But I’ve never acted on it, because my attraction isn’t romantic.  It’s purely sexual.  So I’ve kept my attraction at bay.  Treating it with lesbian porn, strip clubs and photos of naked women.  I thought my attraction should be kept as a fantasy. I could completely turn it off in public.  I never met a real-life woman I felt sexually attracted to until I met a woman I couldn’t ignore.

Monica’s a bad bitch.  There’s no better way to explain her.  She’s intelligence.  She’s power.  She’s the type who seizes every opportunity that comes her way.  That’s how she has risen to become the Chief Operating Officer of a tech firm.

But she’s not all white collar.  She’s also my little bad girl.  She drives a Harley, drinks too much, and has too much fun.  I love being around her.  Riding on her Harley, watching as she commands every room she walks into.  Her confidence is contagious.

She’s also sexy as hell.  Her skin is the color of milk.  Her hair is a flaming red.  Her eyes a deep blue. Her lips are full and accentuated by the bright red lipstick she always wears.  And her breasts are full and round.

Men find her both intimidating and sexy.  But she doesn’t like any of those men.  She’s into women, which makes her all the more alluring to me.

I never knew she felt the same way about me until I found her motorcycle jacket sitting on my kitchen table with a note that said “This is a gift for you.  Find your next gift at the first place we met.”

I couldn’t believe she was giving me her motorcycle jacket.  I had no idea what it meant.  I smiled as I drove to the bar where we met.  I found her favorite shirt lying on one of the stools.  The bartender smiled when he saw me pick it up.  He told me to go our favorite spot in the park to find my next gift.

My mind raced as I went to the park.  Why was she giving me her favorite shirt and jacket?  What kind of game was she playing?

On our favorite park bench, I found a well-worn pair of jeans and another note.  “Now come to my place.  Use your key.”

I ran back to the car and sped to her place.  I couldn’t wait to see what she was up to.  This is why she was my best friend.  She was so much fun!

As soon as I opened the door, she yelled, “I’m back here.”

I found her laying on her bed completely naked, vibrator in hand.

Without saying a word, she motioned me to come join her in bed.  My pulse raced.  I shook with anxiety.  I was excited yet scared.   I wanted her and yet I had no idea what I was doing.

I must have looked as anxious as I felt.  “You look scared.  There’s nothing to be scared of.”

I got into bed next to her.  She kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Do you want to touch my breasts?” she asked.

I didn’t reply.  I placed one shaky hand on her breast.  She then took my hand in her hands and guided it across her nipple, down the other side of her breast, to her other breast and her other nipple.  Her nipples became erect at my touch.  I became wet from touching them.

Her breathing deepened.  “Now let me see you,” she said.

I hesitantly took off my shirt and pants.

“No, I want to see all of you.”

I took off my bra and panties and laid down next to her, not knowing what to do next.

Then she kissed me.  Deeply, passionately.  My arousal quashed my anxiety.  I wrapped my arms around her neck.  Pulled her closer until our bodies were touching.  I felt her breasts against mine.  I needed her.

She began rubbing my clit with her fingers.  I whimpered at her touch.  Her touch was better than any man’s.  She knew exactly how to touch me to give me the most pleasure.

I only hoped I could do the same for her.  I found her clit and began rubbing.  She moaned giving me confidence I needed to insert two fingers inside her.  I found her g-spot quickly and began working it with my fingers.  I forgot about my own pleasure as her breathing quickened.  She begged me not to stop as I brought her closer to climax and finally pushed her over the edge.

I felt her pulsing on my fingers.  I smiled.  She chuckled and laid there for a moment, enjoying her orgasm.

Then she turned to me, smiled, and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

I laid on my back and moaned with pleasure as she suckled my nipples and then kissed her way down my body.  I yelled out when she reached my clit.  She grabbed her vibrator and inserted it into my pussy as she played with my clit with her tongue.

She found just the right spot and I came within moments.  I turned to her and smiled, “We’re not done here are we?”


  1. I think you just got the attention of every man. There must be a sequel!!
    Oh, and if your ‘Librarian’ ebook makes money my commission is 15%…

  2. Ahem…. Thank you, for that!!! 😛

  3. Do you ever or would you consider hosting someone else writing? Let’s say some one I know would be too shy to ever attach their name to their dirty stories but is interested to see what your/others feedback would be.

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