“A Night Out” by Special Guest Blogger SlaveZ

I stand at the bar next to him sipping my fifth or sixth drink. They’re nice and strong so I’m not sure if I’ve really lost count or I’m just drunk enough to have lost count. His hand is around my waist and his fingertips are gently playing at the string of my thong that he can feel over my little dress. He pulls me in by the hip and squeezes my body against his side. I look up at him and smile. He looks back and smiles. I blush and look down at the drink in my hands. The ice in the glass is beautiful and sparkling brightly in the soft light cast from behind the bar. My fingertips are nearly numb from gripping the cold glass for so long.

The crowd gathered in the bar is noisy and boisterously enjoying this warm Friday night. We’ve been hanging around the bar with a few friends chatting and catching up. The music is loud and I can feel the beat pulsing from the speakers straight through my veins and my feet aching to move; to do more than just tap along. It’s starting to get cramped as more and more people flood in, making their way between the bar and the dance floor. The air is thick with heat and the smell of alcohol and old cigarette smoke.

I reach a hand up around to his neck and I feel his skin against my fingers. It’s soft and damp from the heat of the bar. I look at him and move in close to kiss his neck. It’s sweet and salty and tastes amazing. I back away, licking my lips and smiling coyly. He grabs me by the wrist and pulls me off to the dance floor. I was hoping he’d take me there. Normally I’m so shy and wouldn’t try to initiate anything but when I’m drunk, a whole different side of me comes out. I’m confident instead of my otherwise quiet, bashful self.

We push our way through the crowd and find our spot amongst the others and start dancing. I face him and throw my hands around his neck and pull my self in close. I straddle one of his legs and our bodies move in time with the music, my hips bouncing from side to side with the beat. I’m losing myself.

I turn around and back my ass up into his crotch with my hips still moving. I swing one arm up and grab his shoulder, balancing myself, while the other lingers around his hip. My fingers find a belt loop and grip it tightly. I pull his body closer to mine. We melt into each other as a heat starts to build up in my crotch. I’m getting turned on and I can feel him starting to get a little hard.

Soon I’m nearly breathless and I need another drink. I turn around and move in close. I yell, “I need another drink.” He nods and grabs my wrist and pulls me from the dance floor.

We walk back to the bar and I order another rum and Coke. As we stand waiting for the bartender to get my next drink we resume our friendly banter with our friends. The bartender returns and sets my drink in front of me. I smile in thanks, greedily pick it up and start downing it. I just want to feel like this forever. My head is reeling soon and the heat in my pussy is only getting more intense.

I finish my drink, set down the empty glass on the bar with a thud and announce that I’m going to run to the bathroom. I smile at him and he looks at me with a flash of lust. I walk over to the bathroom and stand in line behind two girls already waiting to use the single bathroom. I smile politely and take my place in line and start to play with my phone while I wait.

“I wonder why they only put a single bathroom in such a crowded bar?” I ask the girl in front of me.

“I know, right?!” she smiles back.

Soon she’s making her way into the bathroom and I’m waiting alone. Suddenly, I feel a hand grab my wrist and pull me. I nearly fall over from surprise and my clumsy feet in these heels. He’s quickly pulling me into the men’s room with him. He timed it perfectly. He must have been watching me.

He locks the door behind him and my cheeks flush red. He pushes himself against me and pins me against the wall. He leans his forehead into my neck and breathes out deeply. His breath is warm on my chest and smell of the alcohol and his cologne fill my nostrils. It’s intoxicating. I’m becoming even more drunk off his scent.

He picks his head up and starts to kiss the center of my chest, running his tongue along the inside curve of my tits. I let my head fall back and I let out a long sigh. I’m so hot. I’m so turned on. I’m dripping wet, I’m sure. He comes in to kiss me on the mouth and pulls my hand from his shoulder and puts it on his crotch as our lips meet. I can feel his cock, rock hard through his jeans. I rub and massage it through the stiff fabric as he starts to play with my tits.

He turns me around so that I’m facing the wall and pins me here. I push my ass back up against him and I hear him unzip his pants. My excitement mounts and my head starts spinning faster. He’s going to fuck me right here. He lifts the back of my dress up over my hips and he pulls my thong out of the way. I feel him line up his cock.

“You’re so wet,” he whispers in my ear.

“I want you so bad. Fuck me right here. Take me,” I pant back.

He pulls his cock away from my pussy and I want to scream. As soon as I open my mouth to tell him to fuck me, he aggressively covers my mouth before I can utter a word. He slides his hand from my breast to my pussy and starts to finger me while still keeping me hushed and pinned to the wall.

“You’re going to have to wait. I’ll give it to you when I’m ready. God, you are so wet.”

I moan softly in pleasure as he fucks me with his fingers. He pulls them out after a few moments and licks me off his fingers.

“You taste so good. Taste,” he says as he pushes his fingers into my mouth. I open and lick myself off his fingers, running my tongue along the length of his fingers to the tips. It’s sweet and tastes good.

“Now let me taste it more,” he says pulling his fingers out of my mouth and moving back in to kiss me. He starts to kiss me heavily and my breathing becomes shallow. I feel his soft tongue licking mine and he’s sucking on my bottom lip. I just want so badly for him to take me right here.

After we’ve made out for a few minuets he backs off and smiles at me. I sigh back heavily in frustration.

“We should get out of here,” I say.

He nods and we sneak out of the bathroom. Thank God no one saw us. He’s wearing a wide grin across his face as we walk back over to our group of friends. I can tell right away what a few of them are thinking and I’m a little embarrassed. I smile bashfully back at the wicked grins they shoot my way.

We say our goodbyes and soon are walking back out to the car. The night is warm and clear. He takes my hand and leads me to the passenger’s side of the car and opens the door for me. The act of chivalry is sweet and romantic. He closes the door as soon as I’m in and gets in and puts the key in the ignition, turns it but doesn’t start the car.

Music pours out of the speakers and fills the air once more. He looks over at me, smiles, and I don’t hesitate for one moment. I sit up, crawl over to him and straddle him in the drivers seat. He buries his head in my chest again and he continues the tongue-lashing he started in the bathroom as his hands move down around and grip my ass. He’s squeezing hard with one hand and lightly spanking with the other.

I throw my head back once more and sigh deeply. I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

He pushes me away from him after a few minuets and says, “Let’s go.”

I nod my head and pull myself back into my seat. During the drive home my head is spinning and my pussy is burning. The whole drive home he keeps reaching a hand over and slides it up my dress and rubs my clit. I’m so glad that he let me get this drunk. I’m rarely able to fully let myself go.

As I stumble in the front door, the alcohol is still running through my veins. I shut the door behind me and turn around to take off my heels. He immediately pushes my body back against the door as soon as it’s shut and his face draws near mine. Just for a moment, he breathes heavily and his lips linger near mine. I can feel his warm breath on my face and neck. Then in a flash of passion our lips meet and part. His tongue caresses mine and I softly bite his bottom lip and then run my tongue along his lips. I start at one corner, go along the edge of his bottom lip and to the other corner. I flick my tongue up when I find his top lip, pull away and coyly smile at him again. He breathes out heavily in frustration and pushes back onto my mouth, biting down hard on my bottom lip and sliding a hand back to between my legs. He starts rubbing my clit again right here with me still pressed against the door.

I immediately want to please him, to become his toy, to be the source of all his pleasure. I want so badly for him to take me here and now. I don’t want to wait anymore. My hands drift down his chest to the front of his jeans where I clumsily try to undo the button. But my hands are shaking out of nervous excitement and my fingertips are still slightly chilled.

His lips move away from my mouth and down to my neck. He knows that this is my favorite place to be kissed. I love to feel his lips and tongue against my skin along the base of my neck. Then I feel his teeth, gentle at first- almost playful, and then with growing intensity. My pulse quickens as he bites down hard and yelp at the sharp pain. I love the rush it gives me.

My head is reeling and my heart is pounding as his hand moves down and he starts to finger me. I can feel them moving easy and steady inside me, getting me worked up and wet. I’ve finally managed to get the button undone on his pants and now have my hand down the front of his jeans. I can feel him through his boxers- hard, ready. His fingers keep moving inside me and soon I’m sure that I’m dripping wet with anticipation.

“You’re still so wet. You must really want me to fuck you,” he says as he moves his hand from my breast and down my arm to my wrist, grabbing it tightly and squeezing. His other hand stops and moves away from inside me and I sigh deeply at my disappointment. I just want this to go on forever.

He pulls me up the stairs after him and I stumble over my heels, kicking them off as soon as we get to our room. The lights are off but the soft glow from the clock is all we need to see by. I pull off his shirt and run my hands down from the back of his neck to his chest and then back up again over his shoulders. He grabs me by the waist and pulls my body close to his while he presses his mouth against mine once more.

He unzips my dress and it falls to the floor around my feet. I kick it away from me blushing as I stand there in just my thong and bra. My lips move from his to his neck and my tongue lingers here for a moment, at the center of his chest. I slowly start to kiss my way down. I fall to my knees in front of him, my tongue feeling it’s way down his body.

“Is this what you want?” I say as I pull out his hard cock and look up at him. He throws his head back and lets out all his breath. With just the one look, I control his world. I move my tongue to the base of his cock and slowly lick up the bottom of it to the tip where my bottom lip rests for a moment. Then I wrap my lips around and slowly work his cock into my mouth. Going as deep as I can, I can feel him throb in my throat. I pull back off a bit and slowly start to suck him. His hand moves to the back of my head and his fingers grip my hair as he pushes my head back down on his cock.

“Oh God, yes. Take my whole cock in your mouth.”

Groaning as I keep going down on him, I know what he wants. I release my grip on his cock after a few minuets and get back up to my feet. He unhooks my bra and I let it fall at my feet. He moves his head and hands to my chest and licks and plays with my breasts. His tongue starts flicking my nipples and I gasp with pleasure as his grip tightens on my tits. My hands move down his sides and push down his pants. They flop to the floor around his ankles and I feel his cock push up against my hip.

With his mouth still lingering on my breasts, he pushes his hands down to my hips and pulls down my thong. I’m fully exposed and my cheeks flush once more. He moves his hand between my thighs again and doesn’t waste a moment. His fingers are pushing their way inside me. I let out a gasp as his fingers push up and hit my g-spot. He’s moving faster inside me now and I’m ready for him to take me.

He pushes my body toward the bed with one hand while the other is still moving inside me. I slowly back up and feel the end of the bed against the back of my thighs. The sheets are cool and take some of the heat off my body as I shiver.

Pulling his fingers out from inside me, he turns and sits on the bed. I move in to start kissing him again and he whispers in my ear, “Come sit on my face.”

My excitement mounts as I push him down onto the bed. Facing him, I start to straddle him and inch my way closer to his mouth. He stops me and says, “No, the other way.”

I turn around and position my knees on either side of his head and immediately start sucking his cock again. His hands move up to my hips and I feel his fingertips running along my skin of my thighs and hips. He pulls me onto his mouth and I feel his tongue start to caress my clit. I gasp and slowly let out my breath. I love to feel his mouth on me. His tongue moves up and down the inside of my pussy and we both start to move faster on each other.

“You’re going to make me cum.” I whisper. And soon it feels so good that I can’t even focus on his cock anymore. Breathing heavily as he continues to lick and kiss me, my body tenses up and gets ready for the flood of pleasure.

“Already? I want to feel you cum in my mouth,” He tells me.

He moves his hand back up and pushes his fingers inside me again while he licks my clit. And then I feel it. I’m on the brink of orgasm. I’m moaning and shaking. His fingers move quickly and his tongue follows suit. Then as if I’ve fallen into a cold pool, my body releases and I push down.

“I’m gonna cum. You’re gonna make me cum. I’m cumming!,” I try to whisper. The words are choked as my body refuses to focus on anything other than what’s happening in my pussy.

My body shudders as it slows and falls. But this orgasm has only left me wanting more. I’m breathing hard and go back to work on his cock. I can feel his pulse quicken as I move my mouth down on him. His tongue slows and he starts to kiss the inside of my thigh.  Biting at the tender skin, I shiver at the sharp pain and begin to move faster on his dick.

He grabs me by the hair again and pulls my mouth off his cock. He slides out from underneath me and pulls at my hips. He positions me at the edge of the bed on my knees, my ass up in the air. I’m open and ready.

My excitement mounts as I feel his cock push up against my clit. He’s teasing me again, like in the bathroom at the bar. He’s playing with me. He knows that I’m his and he knows how badly I want him. I can feel his cock on me. Then slowly, he pushes his way into me. I can feel every bit of him going deeper and deeper into me. His hands grip tightly on my hips and he pulls me onto his cock.

“Oh fuck. God, you feel so good,” I whisper.

“Yeah? You like my cock?”

“I love it. You fuck me so good,” I moan back.

Then he slowly slides back out, making sure I can feel every inch. He knows how badly I want him. I can imagine he’s smiling down at me, knowing that he’s torturing me. But soon after, I think it’s too much even for him to stand and so his pace quickens.

Feeling his big cock thrusting inside me, my body shakes and I start to moan. The pleasure is unreal and I struggle to breathe. He reaches a hand up over my back to my shoulder and down around my neck. I feel his hand on my throat and his grip tighten. I’m barely able to breathe already but now I’m forced to hold my breath and my head starts to spin. He loosens his grip after a few seconds and I choke as I inhale. My vision blacks for a moment and I’m back.

He grabs me by the elbows so I’m no longer supporting myself and he pulls my body back and hard onto him. I love it when he takes control and uses me as his plaything. I know he’s enjoying every part of me. Pulling harder and harder, I start to yell loudly at the pleasure his cock is granting me.

Then I feel it once more. That mounting feeling in the pit of my stomach is getting stronger. I’m going to cum again with him fucking me. His cock alone is going to make me cum. I’m in awe that this feeling could only get stronger. The second one is coming. I can feel it creeping up my body. My fingertips and toes start to tingle.

“I’m gonna cum again. Don’t stop. Keep fucking me.”

I manage to get the words out but like I’ve said the opposite, he slows down. I’m practically screaming in ecstasy and frustration. He slows down a bit as if he’s teasing me again. I’m so close to cumming when he slows that I cry out.

“Fuck me! Please, fuck me!”

And for what seems like hours he slowly works himself in and out of me. It’s really only a matter of minuets and he pushes himself into me hard, and starts to fuck me again. Pounding his cock into me, I can feel him hitting the perfect place inside me. It hits me again: I’m on the edge of orgasm.

“Yeah, Please don’t stop. You’re going to make me cum. Please.”

I’m begging him to let me cum on his cock and he doesn’t relent this time. I feel it rise and I push down. He’s letting me cum on his cock and it makes me even more excited. I let go and the feeling floods over me again. Gasping for breath and letting the feeling take me, I let my body go limp.

He eases my body down onto the bed while I choke to take air back into my lungs. I’m so fired up and every bit of me is over sensitive. I’m trembling and shaking as he pulls out and rolls me over onto my back.

Leaning over me and breathing heavily he comes in close to kiss me. My head is spinning as his lips graze mine and then I push back so our lips collide. I force my tongue between his lips and he lets me soak in his taste.

He moves away from my mouth and goes down to my spread legs. He licks my pussy, tasting my cum and then runs his tongue up over my belly and chest and back to my neck as he pushes himself back into me.

“How was that baby?” he whispers in my ear as he slowly starts to fuck me again.

“You’re amazing. God, I love it when you fuck me.”

“What do you want?” he asks.

“I want to feel you cum inside me,” I pant back.

He stands while pulling me to the end of the bed with his cock still in me. His left hand grabs my hip and pulls me onto his dick while his right reaches up and plays with my nipples. They’re sensitive and just the lightest touch is tantalizing. He goes back to licking them and sending waves of heat through my body. He’s fucking me hard again. He’s using me for his pleasure. He’s going to cum inside me. Another wave of heat moves through me at the thought. I love to feel him cum. I love that he can use my body to make himself cum and soon I’m ready for another orgasm.

He pulls out and rolls me over onto my stomach. Pulling my right leg up at the knee with his arm, he forces himself back into me. His cock hits my g-spot like this and I’m ready to cum again. He leans down on top of me and forces me onto the bed so I can barely move. It’s safe here. I can let myself go.

“Are you gonna cum, baby? I want to feel it. I’m gonna cum. I want to feel you cum in me. Please cum for me,” I beg.

“Yeah? You’re gonna cum again? You want my cum?”

“Yes. Yes, please!” Please!” I breathe back.

I’m on the brink of a huge orgasm. I force myself to hold on for a few more moments so that we can cum together.

“I’m gonna cum for you. I’m cumming!”

I let go and let my orgasm take over.

“I’m cumming too.”

We both let our orgasms flood over us and we become one.

For a short time we lay as we are, letting the feeling fade and our breathing turn steady. He kisses my back and shoulders as he slowly pulls out of me. My body shivers as he slides his cock out from inside me.

He rolls over onto his back and I turn onto my side and rest my head on his shoulder. My breathing is still a little heavy and my head is still spinning.

“I love you,” he whispers to me.

“I love you too. What a perfect night,”

He nods in approval, kisses my forehead and we drift off to sleep.


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