ABC’s of Sex: F is for Fantasy

Tara likes to play pretend.  She loves to role play.  Live out the fantasies she dreams of while living her otherwise normal life.  And her husband is her willing victim.

Sometimes, she’s a feudal courtesan.  She puts on her tightest corset.  Lace ruffled panties.  Garter belt and white stockings.  She serves her husband tea and biscuits.  He sips his tea politely as she sucks his dick with class.  He swats her on the behind with a rolled up newspaper when she doesn’t do a good job.  She acknowledges her misdeeds and seeks forgiveness.  But he does nothing of the sort.  Instead, he binds her hands, makes her lean over the ottoman, spreads her legs, and fucks her in the ass until she begs him to stop.

Other times, she’s a police woman and dresses the part.  She places her husband in handcuffs and frisks him. She orders him on his knees.  She pulls down her pants and demands he go down on her.  She moans with pleasure and forces his head hard against her crotch.  Then she pushes him onto his back and rides him until she cums.

She loves playing the naughty nurse. She takes her husband’s temperature and checks his vitals.  She demands he get undressed and lay in bed.  She tells him she has to give him a sponge bath to bring his temperature.  She carefully wets the sponge in a basin of water and rubs it along his chest, down his stomach, and to his cock.  She continues massaging his cock with the sponge until he can take no more.  Then she scolds him for the mess he made.

Sometimes she’s a teacher and her husband is her problem student.  She puts on a pair of glasses, a sensible blouse and a pair of slacks.  She makes her husband stay after class, because he’s been naughty.  But she can’t resist him.  She slowly strips down to her lace panties and bra.  Then she seduces him.  She carefully instructs him on how to go down on a woman.

Her favorite role to play is that of a stripper.  She puts on her highest heels, sluttiest dress and strips for him.  Then she gives him a lap dance, rubbing her tits in his face.  She stands in front of him and slaps her ass so he can watch it shake.  She tells him she can give him more for the right price.  He pays her the money and she sucks his dick with abandon.

Tara loves to live out her fantasies and her husband loves to play along.

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