Loving Him

Before I met him, I was dying inside.  My mind, which often betrays me, was at war with itself.  Dragging me down to the depths of depression and anxiety.  Telling me I was worthless.  I didn’t deserve happiness and would never find it.

Then I met him and he revived me.  He showed me how to have fun again. Made me feel alive.  Gave me my spark back.  I look forward to each time I see him, because I know we will find some way to have fun together.  He’s shown me how to like life again.

And he doesn’t shy away from my desires.  He knows I want him to control me in the bedroom and he does.  I want to bend to his desires.  I want him to use me.

So last night when he took off his belt, wrapped it around my neck, and led me to the bedroom, I went willingly, silently.  The anticipation of what he would do to made my pulse race and my panties wet.

He told me to take off my clothes and I obeyed.  He undressed and I saw him erect in the light from the hallway.  My breathing began to deepen.  I wanted to feel his touch so badly.  I wanted him to tighten the belt on my neck and force me to take his cock in my mouth.

And he did.  He yanked the belt around my neck.  Told me to get on my knees.  Told me to take all of him in my mouth.  Not to use my hands.  He told me to spit on it.  Get it nice and wet. I did as I was told.

He told me to stand up and turn around.  He bent me over the bed.  I screamed out as he slowly inserted his cock into my ass.  He placed his hand on the small of my back, so he could see the full roundness of my ass as he continued fucking me.   I played with my dripping wet pussy as he pounded my ass as hard as he could.

I begged him to come in my ass.  I wanted to sacrifice my own pleasure for his, but he wouldn’t allow it.  He didn’t want to come before pleasuring me.

He directed me to turn over and he kissed my breasts.  Sucking on one nipple while pinching the other.  I whimpered from the pleasure.  I asked him to bite my nipples.  Bite them hard.  And I screamed out as he did.

He kissed his way down my stomach, across my pelvis, stopping at the mound of my pussy.  He wanted to hear me beg for it.  And I did.  I begged for him to suck on my clit.

As soon as he touched my clit, I arched my back from the sudden rush of pleasure.  He sucked on it.  Pulled it up.  Worked his tongue underneath it.  I squirmed.  The pleasure was almost too much to bear.  It began to build to a crescendo.  I screamed out, “Oh my god” as I came.  Pleasure drifted down my body in waves.

He didn’t allow me a break.  He tightened the belt around my neck as he thrust into my pussy.  He hit me in exactly the right spot.  I saw stars.  I was near euphoric.  I felt a tingling in my body from head to toe.  Each time he hit me in the right spot, the pleasure increased throughout my body, until I came with a gush.

Only then did he allow himself to come.  He continued thrusting hard and fast.  The sweat rolled off his face and hit my breasts.   I rubbed it over my breasts enjoying the pleasure I could hear in each grunt as he grew closer to coming.  He finally did and collapsed on top of me.

I held him and smiled, thinking of how much better my life is with him in it.


  1. Really good. Fast paced and direct, like the sex.

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