My Hard and Heavy Dream by Guest Blogger SlaveZ

You push me toward our room, backward up the stairs while your fist is still clenched tightly around my left wrist and the other pushing my hip upwards. As soon as we’ve reached the top of the stairs, you slam me against the wall and your tongue begins its assault on my mouth.

Forcing your tongue in my mouth, I obediently open to receive it. You bite my bottom lip hard as you throw my wrist against the wall above my head and pin me here while your mouth has its way with me. Your teeth have moved to my neck and I feel you bite down hard on the tender skin along my neck. I yelp at the sharp pain and am immediately matched by a slap across my face.

“Did I say you were allowed to make a sound?” he asks me angrily.

“No,” I answer back shaking my head.

My face is met with another strong slap directly after my response. I should have known better. We’re playing this game tonight.

“No, Sir.”

“Good girl. You only speak unless I ask you to. You understand?” He says sweetly into my ear while lightly kissing my now red, stinging cheek.

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper back, nodding.

He resumes savagely biting my neck while I strain to keep my composure under the hot pain. The grip around my wrist tightens as his other hand violently pushes up my skirt and between my legs. I feel myself gush at the intrusion between my legs. When his hand meets my thong he grabs a hold and rips it off me. The tiny string snaps and he thrusts the torn thong in my face.

“Why would you wear underwear?” he growls at me. Grabbing me by the throat with the thong still in his fist, he slams my head back against the wall. I can feel the warm, wet spot from my pussy in my thong against my neck.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I stammer back.

“You will be.”

He pulls his hand away from my throat and notices the wet spot on my underwear. He rubs at it with his thumb and looks at me grinning wickedly.

“You wet, my little pain slut?”

“Yes, Sir.” I respond bracing myself for another sharp sting of pain expecting to be punished for finding this game so hot.

“Let’s see just how wet you are,” he says throwing the thong to the floor.

In one swift movement he’s forcing his fingers inside me, and violently fingering me. I can feel him pushing against me inside and it’s sending waves of pleasure through my body. My legs become weak and my knees start to buckle from the pleasure. Soon he’s just holding me up by the wrist he still has gripped tightly and held against the wall.

“Oh, you like that? Does it feel good?” he breathes at me.

I simply nod, unable to focus on words.

He quickly pulls his hand out from inside me and slaps me across the face once more. I can feel my own juices cooling my face.

“Maybe it feels a little too good. I asked if you liked that,” he growls in my face.

“Yes, Sir. It feels good,” I whimper back.

“That’s more like it,” he says as he slowly licks up my red swelling cheek. He turns and pulls me by the wrist to our room.

I stand in the middle of the room, close my eyes and wait for orders, not daring to make a move. I hear the door close, some shuffling and then I feel his hands at my back.

“Arms up,” he orders.

I obey and hold my arms straight up in the air. He quickly rips my shirt of, throws my bra to the floor and tears my skirt from me. I stand fully exposed, arms still held above me, blushing.

“Look at you, you little piece of meat. Get on your knees.”

I open my eyes and kneel down. He walks around me and stands a few feet in front of me naked and hard. Just one glance at his rock hard cock and I’m hungry, ravenous. I want to devour his cock.

“Come here and suck it.” He demands pointing to his dick.

I crawl toward him on my hands and knees and lift myself up so that my mouth meets the tip of his cock.

“I said suck it,” he grunts, grabbing me by a fistful of hair at the back of my head and jamming his dick down my throat. I gag as he pushes himself deep in and pull back off almost instantly, gasping for breath. He just pushes himself back in and begins to fuck my mouth. I move my right hand up to help me suck him off.

“No. I want to fuck your mouth,” he says slapping my hand away.

I let my hands dangle at my side while he has his way with my mouth. I let him abuse it as his special fuck hole while I get wetter by the second.

He pulls his cock out from my mouth with spit trailing down my chin. I let it hang open, waiting for his next assault on it. I want more of his cock in my mouth but I won’t dare to ask until he tells me it’s ok to speak. Instead, he pushes his thumb in my mouth to play with my tongue. I close my mouth and suck it like I would his cock. As I lick his thumb he grabs hold of his cock and starts to please himself in front of me. I look up at him with my begging eyes. He knows what I want but we both know I’ll have to wait.

He slowly pulls his thumb out of my mouth and over my bottom lip, dragging spit across my chin, rubbing it down my face. He’s still pumping his cock in front of me knowing that I’m loving this little show.

“You like my cock? You want it don’t you?”

“Yes,” I whisper back.

I realize my mistake a moment too late. He’s grabbed my by the hair and pulled me up to meet his face. I become angry and disappointed in myself for my lapse in concentration with our game.

He spits in my face and smacks my cheek, hard. It stings badly but his saliva cools the blow directly after.

“Ah! Fuck! Yes! Yes, Sir!! I love your cock! I want your cock, Sir!” I yell.

“That’s better,” He coos to me leaning his head into my neck. I’m amazed at his ability to be sweet and so evil at the same time.

He pulls his head up and meets my eyes, grinning wickedly yet again. I wonder what his sinister mind is up to. What could he be thinking of next?

“You know I want you, right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Because I’m going to take you,” He growls at me.

I feel the heat behind my pubic bone grow- my desire to please him pulsing and my pussy aching to feel him inside me again. My blood runs hot through my veins. I can feel beads of sweat forming down the center of my back. I don’t just want him to take me, I need him to take me. It’s like a violent drug has taken hold. I become a calm kind of manic as he stands there and stares me down pondering his next move. I would do anything he told me to do.

My mind focuses back when I feel his fingertips at my hips. He traces them back around and under my ass and squeezes hard. I inhale sharply as his fingernails dig in as he squeezes, lifts and spreads my ass. He loosens his grip with one hand and moves it down past my ass to my soaked pussy. Slowly he pushes two fingers all the way inside me. I want to beg and scream for him to fuck me. But I know he’ll let me beg later so I hold back as much as I can, trying to be a good slave.

He slowly pulls out his now soaked and slicked fingers and moves his hand back to my ass check. Suddenly without any warning, he plunges his fingers into my ass, knuckle deep.

“Ah! Fuck!” I yell at the pain and intrusion in my tight ass. I wasn’t prepared.

Without any warning again, he’s ripped his fingers from my tight ass hole and wrapped his hands around my neck and started to squeeze.

“I thought I told you not to make a sound unless I told you to. You must not have liked that. You didn’t like that?”

He loosens his grip around my neck and I choke to inhale.

“No, Sir. I liked it. You know I have to warm up to it. I wasn’t ready…” I stammer back to him.

“Too bad. You’re not getting what you want first. If I want your ass, I’m going to take it and you’re not to say anything or make a sound. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He moves his hands back to my ass and repeats what he did moments ago by spreading my ass and slowly getting two fingers wet, deep in my aching pussy. This time he slowly circles my puckered hole for a few moments being nice enough to warn me so I know it’s coming. I clench my eyes shut and brace myself.

Again he pushes in roughly and quickly all the way up to the knuckle. My eyes snap open and my mouth gapes but I obey and keep back all noises. I breathe in sharply and exhale slowly as he begins to finger my ass. It hurts and I love and hate it. Soon though, I love it more than I hate it.

He’s pushed his cock between my legs and started to push in and out between them just barely brushing my pussy. He want’s to make sure he’s enjoying himself before he lets me enjoy myself too much.

He pulls his fingers out of my ass and I whimper. His hand moves back to my ass cheek and squeezes hard, nails digging into the tender skin again. He gives me a warning look at the last noise to escape past my lips. It was borderline.

He steps away from me and commands me to my knees in front of him, pointing to the ground to emphasize that he wants it now. I obey and as soon as my knees hit the floor he’s pushing his cock down my throat again so hard I see stars behind my closed eyes.

After a few minuets it becomes too much for him to bear and I notice that we’re both losing our place in this game. He let me use my hand to help guide him into my mouth for a while. He pulls out of my mouth and pulls me to my feet his hands wrapping tightly around my wrists. I can see the lust in his eyes and he can see the need in mine.

“ I need you. I need to be inside you.” He breathes at me.

This time he waits for a response from me but I keep my mouth shut like a good slave should. He smiles at my silence slipping back into the game.

“You’re such a good girl. You please me like no other slave can. So obedient… Such a good girl…” he coos at me again resting his forehead on mine. “I love it when you listen and let me take you.”

He spins me around and I feel his cock press against my ass cheek. I feel him pulse against me with need. He shoves me over the edge of the bed with my ass up in the air facing him. His hands move around to my ass once more and spread me open wide.

“Look at this. So fucking beautiful,” He growls at me. “This is all mine. You’re my pain slut, you understand? All mine.”

“Yes, Sir. I’m all yours. I’m your pain slut,” I choke back.

“That’s my girl,” He whispers again before I feel a hand slap squarely on my left ass cheek. It stings and I sharply inhale at the heat it sends rippling through my body.

“What are you?” He asks with growing intensity in his voice

“I’m your pain slut.” I answer with another sharp blow to my ass. It feels so good and It’s bringing me closer to orgasm

“What are you?” He growls.

“I’m your pain slut!” I shout as I’m met by another slap. I want him so badly. I want to tear him apart. I want to let go.

“I can’t hear you?” He yells at me smacking me again.

“I’m your pain slut!!!!” I scream at him.

But instead of a blow to my ass, I’m met this time by intense pain in my ass. He’s buried himself balls deep in my ass with no warning at all.

“Ahhh!!! Oh, Fuck!!!!” I yell.

He lets that one slip as he starts to fuck my ass hard like it were my pussy. He’s using my ass and uses his hands to reach up and grab and squeeze my tits. He pinches my nipples hard and I’m lost. The pain all over my body is so intense and I’m soon on the edge of orgasm with him barreling into my ass. The pleasure is building and I’m moaning, barely able to contain myself. He can tell I’m on the edge and he doesn’t relent.

“Go ahead, I’ll let you cum. I want you to.”

“Ahh! Yeah! I want to please you!” I yell.

“Then let me see you cum.”

He pulls out of my ass only to flip me onto my back and plunge back in fucking me hard again. He pushes two fingers into my slick hole and fingers me while he fucks my ass. I can feel him in both of my holes and it pushes me over the edge in a matter of seconds.

“Yeah. Let me see how much you like me fucking your ass like it was your tight little pussy, my pain slut. You love it don’t you?”

“Yeah, take my ass! I’m your pain slut! I love it!!!”

My orgasm is explosive and sends waves of pleasure through my whole body. My toes and fingers tingle and my head spins making the room warp.

He slows as my orgasm falls and soon he’s barely pumping himself in and out of me.  He’s close too and I can tell. He’s huge and swelling inside my ass.

He pulls himself out and stands behind me looking at my ravaged holes. He’s making up his mind. He’s deciding where he wants to put his hot cum.

Pulling me up off the bed and helping balance me he pushes his mouth on mine, his tongue lashing mine. I’m lost I just want more. I need more of him. I need his taste; his touch; his pain; his pleasure. I need it.

He pushes me backward violently and I hit the wall with my back. He grabs a wrist and slams it against the wall above my head yet again. Forcing his fingers into me again and biting at my neck he whispers, “I want to hear you beg me for more. I want you to beg for my cock. I want to hear you beg for it. Beg to cum. You understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I nod as he bites my shoulder and fucks me hard with his fingers.

My knees become weak again as the waves of pleasure flood my senses. I love when he fucks me with his fingers. The pleasure is so different from that of his cock. Both are powerful but so different.

“I want to come. I want your cock. I want you to make me come,” I breathe to him.

“Oh, my little pain slut wants to come? She wants me to give it to her?” he mocks at me.

“Yes, please. I need you.”

He grabs me by the back of the knee and raises my leg while he keeps my wrist held in place against the wall above my head. I feel his cock push against the inside of my thighs and I loose it.

“Please! I need your cock. Please, fuck me. Please!!” I yell frantically

“Put it in,” He instructs.

With my free hand, I reach down and push his cock toward my wet opening. My pussy is aching and begging for a taste of his cock. I line up and he pushes in slowly making sure to drag it out. Deeper and deeper until he’s balls deep inside me up against the wall.

“Please! Fuck me!! I need to cum! I need you!” I scream as he’s slowly pumping in and out of me and it’s unbearable.

He picks me up with his cock still inside me and I feel the bed hit my back. He pulls my legs up and my ankles rest on his shoulders. We wait like this for a few moments while he looks at me in this position. His eyes me mine and he can see the desire burning. I need him.

“Please,” I breathe, eyes wide and frantic.

“You really want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he teases

“Yes, please,” I whisper back closing my eyes and rolling my head to the side.

He pushes himself deep into me and starts to fuck me wildly. The pleasure mounts inside me and my body begins to tingle. My arms snake around his and my fingers dig in so I can brace myself and push back onto him. I just want to take every last bit of him inside me.

That’s when we loose all self-control. The game is over. He’s won. Check-mate. He fucks me hard with everything he’s got.

“Oh yeah, Please let me cum,” I beg still. “Fuck me till I cum.”

“Yeah, I’ll give it to you. I want to feel you cum on my cock,” he pants back to me.

I feel the brink of the orgasm getting closer and close, the wave ready to crash upon my shore. I hold on wanting to feel him cum too.

“I want your cum. Please, I need to feel it. I need to feel you cum.”

He looses it and fucks me with everything he’s got and I feel his cock grow and pulse inside me again, he’s on the edge.

“Please,” I beg again. “I want your cum. You’re gonna make me cum!”

I push down and the wave hits, spilling over me. My muscles grip him and pull him into me further and I feel him release inside me.

“Oh God! Yes!” I shudder. I’ve been sent over the edge. I need to come back. I struggle to breathe and he makes it harder as he’s now laying on top of me doing the same. My legs dangle off the edge of the bed and my toes still tingle.

I shift a little under his weight and he picks himself up off me and slowly pulls out. My pussy is so sensitive. It tightens and I twitch as he removes himself and I let out a moan. He looks at me disapprovingly and I smile coyly.

“What do you say?” he asks with a broad grin across his mouth.

“Thank you, I breathe back.

He scowls at me.

“Thank you, Sir,” I say smiling.

“Good girl,” he says planting a kiss on my blushed cheek.


  1. Very hot….

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