ABC’s of Sex: N is for Naughty

It started with an innocent game of truth or dare.   One girl trying to outdo the other.  Melissa and Jennifer trying to think of inventive little dares for each other.  It ended with a night they’d never forget.

The game started at Melissa’s apartment.  Each girl daring the other to do silly little things, like text an ex-crush.  Eat salt straight. Make out with a pillow.  Do a strip tease.  Sweet, innocent, little things.

But then they started drinking.  Daring each other to do shots of tequila.  And the dares got progressively more extreme.  Flash the neighbors.  Run down the hall in nothing but panties and underwear.  They were soon laying on the floor, half naked, laughing at their own ridiculous stunts.

And then they decided to take their game outside of the house to their favorite bar.  But they had to get dressed.  So Melissa dared Jennifer to wear a skin tight, low-cut purple dress that hung in her closet and that she never had an occasion to wear. In return, Jennifer dared Melissa to wear her naughty maid Halloween costume.

When they arrived at the bar, they immediately saw the tall, dark and handsome stranger across the bar.  He became their target.  Jennifer dared Melissa to buy him a drink.  So she did.  He approached them as soon as he received it and introduced himself as James.

They were too drunk to be embarrassed by what they wore.  Or to be shy.

“We’re playing truth or dare,” Jennifer said.

James chuckled, “That explains a lot.”

“I’m trying to think of my next dare for Melissa.”

“I have one,” James interjected.

“Yeah, what?” Melissa asked.

“Kiss each other.”

Jennifer and Melissa looked at each other and giggled.  They kissed, slowly, putting on a show for their new friend.

When they finished, Jennifer noticed they had drawn the attention of the entire bar.

“Let’s go,” she said.

“You’re leaving?  That’s too bad,” James said, “I was enjoying the game.”

“You want to play?” Melissa asked.


“I dare you to come back to my apartment.”

He readily accepted.  They chatted happily as they walked back to the apartment.  Each a little turned on in anticipation of each knew would likely happen as soon as they got back to the apartment.

Once there, it was Melissa who made the first move. Melissa kissed Jennifer passionately, deeply.  She pulled the straps of Jennifer’s purple dress down, exposing her bare breasts.  They were drunk, they were sloppy, but they were totally absorbed by each other.

They forgot about James, but he made his presence known.  He took Melissa by the hand, Melissa took Jennifer’s hand, and James led them to the bedroom.  He unbuttoned Jennifer’s maid’s outfit.  Jennifer let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it.  Melissa followed suit and took off her dress.

Then, Melissa and Jennifer kissed again.  They were too engrossed in each other to notice James undress.  He stood naked behind Jennifer and kissed her neck.  He worked his way between them.

Then Jennifer got on her knees.  Melissa followed.  They took turns pleasuring him.  Mouths touching, fighting over who could pleasure him better.

Melissa pushed Jennifer onto her back and slipped her panties off.  She kissed down her body.  Bit her nipples and laughed as Jennifer squealed.  She rubbed her clit.

Melissa lost her concentration as James pulled down her panties.  She whimpered as he pushed himself inside of her.  But she didn’t neglect Jennifer.  She went down her.  Got turned on by the moans Jennifer made as she tongued her clit.  Fingered her until she felt her come against her fingers.

Only then did Melissa allow herself to focus on her own pleasure.  Her breasts shook against Jennifer’s as James thrust inside of her.  Each thrust bringing her closer to orgasm.  It was only when Jennifer began rubbing her clit did Melissa fall over the edge and collapse on top of Jennifer.

James wasn’t done.  He had them switch positions.  It was Jennifer’s turn to get fucked.  Melissa lay under her.  They kissed as they enjoyed the feeling of their bodies rubbing against each other.  They rubbed each other’s clits and made each other whine from the intense pleasure.

James grunted as he came.

Jennifer didn’t skip a beat, “You can go now,” she told him.

He simply shook his head, got dressed and left.

Jennifer and Melissa ignored him and turned back to each other.  Their game wasn’t over.


  1. It is good to be naughty once in while, love the write…

  2. *fans self panting*
    HOT! 🙂

  3. Great writing again. Nice set up of the plot and a very nice naughty development. I remember reading a book many years ago called The Dice Man where a man allowed his whole life to be determined by the roll of a dice. The opening to this reminded me a bit of that.

  4. This was a nice read.

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