The Night We Broke by Guest Blogger SlaveZ

I’ve already had too much to drink. I know I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow but I don’t care. My heart and head have been heavy. There’s been too much going through my mind. I need a few drinks to let it all go.

Unfortunately it seems the alcohol has had the opposite effect and the thoughts of my secret fantasies are swirling through my mind. Lately there’s been a lull in our sex life and I’ve been feeling a little unsatisfied, a little un-sexy, a little unwanted.

While hanging around the bar with friends, he’s chatty and I’m sitting beside him stewing with my fantasies: What I want him to do to me; what I want to do to him. What I wouldn’t do to have him take me out to the car for a “cigarette” where we’d make out and run our hands all over each other, making ourselves excited for the rest of the night.

“You alright?” He smiles as he looks over at me and sees me staring into my drink while I swirl the ice with my straw. He’s noticed that I’m not being as talkative as usual.

“I’m ok,” I half smile back. The words are heavy and sit in my mouth leaving a foul taste. I know I lied, but I’m trying to avoid crying in public while I’m drunk.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I answer back, fighting to keep the tears at bay.

He smiles sheepishly and turns back to his friends. He knows something is wrong. He can tell that I’m about ready to burst, so he doesn’t push the subject right now.

We sit around and I continue to drink. Somewhere after the 5th drink I think it’s about time I should stop before I really regret how much I’ve drank. I get up and walk over to the bathroom. I don’t even tell anyone that I’m going. I just don’t want to be bothered right now. I’d really just like to go home.

I get to the bathroom and as soon as I see my reflection, tears fill my eyes. I’ve tried so hard to make myself look good for him. I shaved and lotioned up my legs, I even shaved my unmentionables in hopes that I would be able to seduce him. I took extra care to put on my makeup and make sure my hair is behaving. I even wore a dress, painted my nails and put on some perfume.

“You’re being way to hopeful. He won’t notice,” I say to myself out loud.

I take care of what I need to and make sure to wipe off my eyes and check to see how badly I’ve ruined my makeup before I walk out of the bar with my head down. I need a smoke and I need a nice sweet, deep, long, sensual fuck. At least I can take care of one of those needs.

I step outside and fiddle around in my purse for my cigarettes and lighter. I pull one out, light it, take a long, deep drag, hold and let it out slowly. I sit down on the bench and take another drag. My head is starting to spin badly. I think I should call it quits for the night.

I finish my cigarette and walk back inside. I’m definitely drunk. I wonder if everyone can tell as I slide back onto the barstool beside him.

“You ok?” he asks with more concern.

“Yeah, I’m just drunk.”

At this point I’m practically numb, indifferent. It will all come out or it won’t. I continue my assault on the ice in my now empty glass with my straw. I stab at the cubes, watching them pop and dance around the straw.

I feel his hand reach around the lower part of my back and grab my hip and squeeze. Just this tiny touch fills my heart with lust and sets a fire in my crotch. I want him to take me home now so we can fuck. But I know that we won’t have sex tonight.

I turn and face him and he looks deeply into my eyes. He must have read my thoughts because he turns back to everyone and tells them that we’re leaving.

I stand up holding onto the bar to support myself and smile and wave goodbye to all our friends. He takes me by the arm and leads me out into the warm night. I walk to the car with my head down biting my bottom lip. I know what’s coming and I’m not going to be able to help myself.

He leads me around to the passenger’s side of the car and I lean up against it with my head still bowed. I don’t want to make eye contact. That will open the flood gates for sure. I’m still trying to fight it.

His hand cups my chin and pulls my head up. Our eyes lock as he tucks my hair behind my ear. He heat growing in my pussy suddenly becomes unbearable as he leaves his hand around my neck. Just the lightest touch has set my body on fire. I’m tingling and ready to overflow.

Expecting our usual quick peck as he leans into kiss me, I’m completely taken aback as his lips linger on mine. I open my mouth a little to test what could come next. He opens his and I feel his tongue lightly lick my bottom lip and so I push mine up to his top lip and taste him for as long as I can.

That’s when it happens. Between the alcohol, his touch, his lips and my own thoughts; that’s when the tears start streaming down my face. He’s still softly kissing me and as soon as I taste my own salty tears that’s when I know I’m in trouble. Why’d I let myself start to cry? I’ve given myself away.

He backs off and looks at me hard.

“Please tell me what’s wrong. I know something’s been bothering you.”

With tears streaming down my face, I suddenly let everything out. It spills from my lips and I can’t help myself. I’m mumbling about not feeling wanted or sexy, about feeling like we have no sex life, about what I want him to do to me and about our lack of passion in the bedroom.

As soon as I’ve finished my drunken speech, I lower my head again. He didn’t say a word. He just listened. He let me talk. He didn’t try to defend himself. He just let it all come out.

I close my eyes because the pavement starts spinning as I stare down at it wondering how far down the cracks go. I feel his hand around my hip and the other around my neck move back under my chin and lift my head once more.

My eyes meet his and he looks at me with those piercing brown eyes; those eyes that a short while ago read my mind.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” I ask back surprised. I didn’t know what to make of his response.

“I could tell for some time that something was bothering you. Thanks for telling me how you feel and I’m sorry I haven’t been a good lover to you. Now let me tell you how I feel. I love you and I think you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You’re sexy and perfect just as you are. You look amazing tonight in that dress and you smell great. Your hair is perfect anyway it sits and if I could spend a million years with you, it still wouldn’t be long enough.”

The only thing I can do is smile. He comes back in and kisses me long and deep; his tongue caressing mine. I’m drinking in his taste and my mind focuses back on the growing warmth in my pussy.

As he kisses me deeply, my hands rest on his strong chest and his move down my body to my hips. He pulls me up from my resting place on the car and holds me firmly in his grip. His hands run along my lower back, cross and he rest one at the opposite hip and the other slowly works it’s way down to give my butt cheek a good squeeze. My hips come to rest on his as he keeps me balanced and I feel his cock pulse and grow as I move my hands down to his waist and grab one of his cheeks in return.

He backs away and smiles at me. I can’t help but smile back. This is one of his most amazing qualities: No matter how awful I feel, he can always make me smile.

I breathe out and giggle a little wiping my eyes as I back out of his arms. He looks at me with that piercing gaze once more; I’m his.

“I probably look like a raccoon at this point,” I say giggling, still trying to wipe away the evidence of my weakness.

“You’re my cute raccoon. Why don’t I take you home?” He says smiling.

“Yeah, I think I’m ready to get out of here.”

He leans back into my neck and kisses me gently, starting from where my shoulder and neck meet. He slowly kisses his way up my neck until he reaches my ear.

“Tonight’s all about you,” he whispers.

I smile bashfully as he backs away and opens the car door for me.

The whole way home he holds my hand and pulls it up to his mouth periodically to give my fingers gentle kisses. A small reminder that I need to stay awake and alert so I can enjoy myself when we get home.

We pull in the drive and I fumble over my keys as he comes around and opens the door for me. He pulls the keys out of my hands and helps me out of the car. As we reach the front door, he unlocks it and lets me inside. I kick off my shoes as he comes in, shuts and locks the door behind me.

I’m turned away from him putting down my purse and shoving my shoes out of the way. My head is spinning and suddenly he turns me around and slowly kneels down in front of me. He bends his head down and starts to kiss my leg. He starts at the inside of my knee and slowly works his way up. He’s pushing up the bottom of my dress with each kiss as he gets closer to my crotch. I’m suddenly gushing wet. His lips on my skin send the blood rushing faster through my veins and my heart pounding.

But he stops as he gets closer and stands up still holding my dress up a bit.

“Here, hang onto it for a second,”

I grab the bottom of my dress and hold it up as he stoops down in front of me with his back facing me. I smile and start giggling as I climb on his back for my piggyback ride up the stairs.

We get upstairs and he tells me to shut the door after we get to the room. I do as I’m told and close the door with the one free arm while the other grips tightly to him. He turns away from the bed and squats down and I let go, flopping onto the bed with a wide smile still across my lips.

He leaves the lights off and I feel him kneel down in front of me again. My legs are dangling off the bed and he spreads my legs apart, sending sparks through my body. As he slowly starts to kiss up my leg, my hands find the nearest blanket and grip tightly.

As his head draws near to my crotch once more, he stops and backs away. Instead of finishing what he started down there he moves up to my mouth and kisses me heavily. With his mouth busy on mine, I pull at the back of his shirt and slowly slide it up his back. He pulls his mouth off of mine for a moment to pull it off and then he resumes his long deep kiss.

His hands are at the front of my dress pulling at the zipper, slowly easing it down my chest. His mouth slowly floats down my neck to the center of my chest where his hands are now massaging my breasts through the fabric. I can feel his cock pushing against my thigh through his jeans. His mouth moves away and he looks down at me as he unzips my dress all the way.

I’m laying exposed with just my bra and thong on. A matching lace set that he can just make out in the dark. His hands start at my shoulders and slowly slide down to my tits. My nipples are hard and begging for him to play with them. He squeezes and massages my breasts and slowly works his hands around them. He moves his hands down around my ribs. He’s trying to get at my back. He wants to take off my bra.

I arch my back and use my shoulders to lift my back off the bed. He groans as I take this posture and he takes off my bra exposing my breasts. He moves his hands over them and rubs down my front. He lowers his head and begins to lick and suck my nipples making me moan in pleasure. I’m so turned on. I can feel myself getting wetter by the second.

He’s moving lower and lower. I feel his tongue running along the lace of my thong at my hip. Using his teeth he grabs a hold and pulls it down slowly. His tongue is making little circles around my hip bones and it’s sending a frenzy through me.

He gets up and moves his hands to my hips where a warm breeze cools the places that he’s licked on me. He slowly slides my thong down and pulls it off me. I’m lying naked wondering if he likes what he sees. Soon I’m certain because I feel his lips softly kissing my inner thigh and working their way up to my pussy.

Then I feel it. His tongue flicks at my clit and I shudder and squirm at the pleasure. My breathing becomes shallow and labored as he licks and kisses me all over.

I let go of the blankets I’m still clutching and my hands move to the back of his head. I push him into my crotch, wanting more. His tongue starts to move faster on me and I can feel myself getting ready. I want so badly to cum.

He backs his head away and starts to kiss me on the mouth again. I feel his hand on my hip move to my crotch and it sends my head spinning faster. He slowly plays with me just barely penetrating me.

Suddenly I gasp as his fingers enter me. My wetness makes it easy for him to push into me. He starts to finger me, slowly and easily at first but with growing intensity. Soon he’s got me on the edge of orgasm. I move my hand down to help him and play with myself while the other gropes for his cock. I find it and that’s when it hits me. I push down and feel myself start to cum. Waves of heat ripple through me as I shudder and breathe out.

It’s only left me wanting more. I’m hungry for more of him. He slowly slides his fingers out of me and I sharply inhale and then slowly let it all out.

He’s leaning over me and I’m wildly hungry for more of him. He comes back into kiss me as I struggle to sit upright, his cock still in my hand. He moves toward me and kneels on the bed in front of me. I immediately pull his cock into my mouth. I slowly start to suck him off, running my tongue all over him. I can feel him pulse in my hand and mouth with each downward stroke. His hand moves to the back of my head, his hand grips a fistful of hair and he pushes himself into my mouth.

He lets go after a few moments and he pulls his cock out of my mouth and moves down to lick my neck while he pulls me to the edge of the bed. My excitement mounts as I feel his dick push up against my inner thigh.

I gasp as he lines up and slowly pushes himself into me. I can feel every inch penetrating me and forcing me to accept his girth. Once he’s forced himself into me as deep as he can go and he slowly starts to slide back out. I just want more and he knows it. He starts driving himself into me, deeper and deeper. Moaning with every thrust into me, I can feel myself getting ready to cum again.

He slows and pulls himself out and kisses my hips. He climbs onto the bed behind me and rolls me onto my side. He slides an arm under my neck and his arm reaches down and grabs my breast. He plays with my nipple and lightly squeezes and massages my tit while his other hand reaches down to my ass and gives a good squeeze. He lifts my leg at the knees and opens me up for his cock.

He pushes in me once more and starts to fuck me wildly. He feels so good inside me and I can’t take much more. His hand moves to my front and I feel him playing with my clit. He wants to get me off again. I don’t hesitate for one second. Soon I can feel myself on the edge of another orgasm while he’s fucking me and playing with my clit. I let go and push down. Soon that flooding feeling washes over me and I’m left panting and shaking after my second orgasm.

He slows but doesn’t stop fucking me. Reaching up with the hand he was using to help get me off, I can feel the warmth and my own wetness as he toys with my nipples.

He slowly slides himself out of me and lays down on his back. Before he can ask what I want, I’m climbing on top of him. I line his cock back up and push myself down onto him. I know exactly what I want. I start to ride him with everything I’ve got left in me. I’m determined. I want to feel him cum.

He doesn’t hesitate either. He’s pushing himself back into me as hard as I’m coming down onto him. I love to ride him and I love to feel him cum in me and soon I’m about ready to cum once more. I don’t relent my assault on him and then I feel it. I’m going to cum and it’s going to be huge. It’s been brewing all night. Those first two were just teases.

“I’m gonna cum. Oh God!”

“Come on and cum for me. I’ll cum for you.” He tells me

I don’t hesitate for one moment. Just the thought of him getting off inside me pushes me over the edge. I give it everything I’ve got and then like a bucket of cold water thrown on my body, I shudder and shiver as I let it take me.

“You cumming?”

“Yeah!” I choke back.

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Please, I want to feel it. Please, cum for me!”

“Yeah! I’m cumming!” He groans at me.

I feel him pulse and release into me as I cum all over him. My head is spinning and whirling. My body is tingling and half numb. I slowly lift myself off of him and sit next to him panting. I lay down and close my eyes. How can everything still feel like it’s spinning? I try to get a hold of my breathing and slow my head down. It’s racing again. Is he satisfied? Was it good for him? Did he enjoy my body? Did I turn him on?

Leaning my back over my drained body, I feel him kiss my navel and slowly work his way up my front. His lips meet mine and I pucker back. We share one last deep, slow, passionate kiss. He pulls away and whispers into my ear: “I love you.”

All of my questions have just been answered.


  1. Ok. Wow, this was good.

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