Mariela’s Dilemma Part 2

Mariela’s heart sunk when she saw the text from Michael.  She knew she couldn’t get back together with him.  Not after what she did.

Guilt overwhelmed her.  She hadn’t even left Charle’s house.  She was still laying in his bed, naked.  She had to get out of there.  She had to get away from the scene of the crime.

As soon as she moved, Charles stirred next to her.  Her sympathetic stranger.  Her one-night stand.  So she moved an inch at a time, hoping not to wake him.  She made it out of the bed and felt a sense of triumph.  But she still had to find her clothes.

She gave up on her panties and put on her pants.  She managed to find her bra under the bed.  Finding her shirt presented another problem.  She had to lift the sheets to look for it.

She didn’t realize she woke Charles until he spoke.  “Are you trying to sneak out?” he chuckled.

His cockiness annoyed her, “I’m just trying to find my clothes.”

He slowly helped her look for her shirt.  She couldn’t help but admire his body, now covered only by a pair of boxers.  He was muscular, but not muscle-bound.  And then there were his blue eyes that contrasted so beautifully against his dark skin.

He smiled and asked, “You’re not having regrets are you?”

“I just ruined my relationship.  What do you think?”

“From what you told me last night, he ruined the relationship.”

“I shouldn’t have given him an ultimatum.”

“And he shouldn’t have taken a girl on a date, because that’s what it was, a date.”

Her face reddened with a mixture of anger and embarrassment.  She hadn’t heard anyone else call what Michael did a date.  She realized it was true.

But for some reason, she couldn’t let go of her annoyance with Charles.

“He made a small mistake.  I made a huge mistake.”

“His huge mistake was breaking up with you.”

She found her shirt tangled in the sheets and began to put it on. “He texted me and wants to talk.”

“Of course he does.  He knows he was an idiot.”

She didn’t know what else to say.  It was time to leave, but she found herself not wanting to leave him.  She’d never had a one-night stand.  Things felt so unresolved.

He spoke first.  “Listen, I don’t want this to be a one time thing.  But if you’re still obsessed with your ex-boyfriend, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“I’m not obsessed with him,” she replied weakly.

He stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders.  She tried to shrug him away.

“Don’t be like that.  Give me a chance.”

She was weak.  She found herself wanting to give in.  The thought of their night together and the possibility of more of the same made her pulse race.

“That does feel good.”

“See just relax and enjoy it.”

He pulled her toward the bed and she sat down.  She rolled her neck as she enjoyed the feel of his hands working to release her tight muscles.  Her concern about Michael began to melt away.

She felt him kiss her neck, along her jawbone.  He gently turned her head until she was looking at him.  She stared into his light blue eyes, became lost in them, found herself wanting to kiss him.

So she let him kiss her.  Gently, slowly.  So sweetly.  The kiss convinced her that he wanted more than a one-night stand.

He stopped and stared into her eyes.  “Are you done with him now?”

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation and without considering whether it was true.

He kissed her again.  This time more passionately.  He took off her shirt off.

“I don’t know why you were in such a hurry to get dressed.”

She didn’t answer him.  She kissed him instead.

He pushed her onto the bed.  Hurriedly took off her bra and pants.  Pressed his body against hers.  She felt him hard against her.  Hurriedly trying to find her.  To make her his.

He found her and sunk deep inside her.  She moaned as he found her.

He thrust deep inside her.

He growled, “Who do you belong to now?”

He felt so good.  “You,” she moaned.

He pushed further inside her.  She whimpered as he found the exact right spot.

He held her ass in his hands and shook it, increasing the pleasure she felt ten-fold.

She screamed without prompting, “I belong to you.”

He smiled at her and then demanded, “Get on your hands and knees.”

He smacked her ass as he fucked her from behind.  He pressed down on her back, making her ass more prominently displayed to him.

He smacked her ass. “Whose ass is this?”

“Yours,” she gasped, “Just don’t stop.”

He soon found her spot again.  She felt herself tingling as he brought her closer to the edge and finally pushed her over.  She felt the pleasure consume her body in waves.

He didn’t last much longer before he came, groining, “Holy shit,” as he did.

He collapsed onto the bed next to her, pulled her to him, and held her tight.

She smiled and thought to herself that maybe, screwing up her relationship wasn’t that bad.


  1. Wonderfully hot installment….

  2. Love these 2 lines – ‘He smacked her ass as he fucked her from behind. He pressed down on her back, making her ass more prominently displayed to him.’ That’s the way to do it!

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