ABC’s of Sex: L is for Love

I have so many good memories of my time with him.  Young and desperately in love.  Sitting in the shade of an oak tree and having a picnic.  Camping, canoeing, the amusement park.  Eating, drinking, getting high, making love.  He was my best friend.  I’ve never been as close to someone as I was to him.

He was beautiful.  Far more beautiful than I thought I deserved at the time, which only added to my obsession.  I was an unpopular girl with frizzy hair.  He was the captain of the football team.  Tall, muscular. His hair blonde, curly, untamed and a bit too long.  His eyes the same shade of blue as the sky on a perfect sunny day.

And recently he found me again.  He wanted to see me.  I didn’t know what his intentions were.  I didn’t know if he remembered me as a friend, the love of his life, or something in between.  I had no idea why he wanted to see me other than his stated reason “to catch up.”

For old time’s sake, we met at one of our favorite parks from our youth.  A wooded area with a lot of trails.  I arrived first and instantly became lost in memories of being with him at the park.  Memories of laying a blanket down in the middle of a field, hidden from view by the tall grass.  Making love under the warm sun. Laying on our backs and staring at the clouds.   Listening to the wind blow through the grass.  Holding his hand.   Laying my leg on top of his.  Hearing him whisper, “I love you,” in my ear.

I was nervous.  Anxiety caused my hands to shake as I drank from my water bottle.  The wait was killing me.  I played with my phone for a few minutes, trying to read an article but finding myself unable to concentrate on the words.  I watched the sky as it became overcast.  I worried that it might rain.

Finally, he arrived.  Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I watched him emerge from his truck.  He looked the same, except he had cut short the curly hair that once defined him.  He looked more like an adult.

I got out of the car and greeted him with a hug.  He was so confident that any awkwardness I felt evaporated.  We sat at a picnic table and caught up.  He told me about coming close to getting married and why he decided not to go through with it.  I told him about my failed marriage and subsequent life as a single mom.  Speaking to him felt comfortable.  It was as if the decade that separated the last time I saw him was no more than a few months.

The summer wind began to kick up, signaling an incoming storm.

“I love the weather before a storm,” I said, “Let’s walk the trails.”

He took my hand and led me to the nearest trail.

We laughed as we remembered some of our crazier times at the park as teenagers, sneaking alcohol onto the trails and other silly things teenagers do.

I teased him, “You were always such a bad boy and negative influence on poor, innocent me.”

“Yeah right, you were a pot-smoking hippie when I met you.”

I turned to face him, smiling, ready to defend myself, but he wasn’t playing anymore.  His expression was serious, his eyes full of desire. My smile faded. I forgot what to say.

He took a step closer to me. I felt his hands on my hips. I remembered. “I was never a hippie,” I said quietly.

He traced the contour of my face with his finger. “I missed you so much for such a very long time.”

I leaned my forehead against his. “I missed you too.”

He brushed his nose against mine. His lips softly touched mine. My heart soared.

I whispered against his lips, “Kiss me.”

We kissed passionately until we heard kid’s voices approaching.  We stopped and smiled at each other.  The wind rushed through the tops of the trees. I twirled around, arms outstretched, catching the wind. Enjoying the high from being with him.

He smiled. “See, you’re still a big hippie.”

The kids saw us and quieted as they passed. As soon as they turned the corner, he picked me up under my shoulders, and spun me as fast as he could. My legs lifted off the ground.

I laughed. “Stop, you’re going to make me dizzy.”

He put me down. “Is everything spinning?”


“Try walking then.”

I felt the first drops of rain and tried to ignore them, but he didn’t. “It’s starting to rain. We better head back.”

The sky opened up and it began to pour before we could make it the parking lot. He led me to his truck and opened the door for me.  Car doors slammed around us as people rushed back to their cars.  Their engines started and they left.  We remained.  Staring into each other’s eyes.  Transfixed by each other.

I began to apologize for getting his seat wet, but he stopped me with a kiss.

He whispered into my ear, “I’ve never forgotten about you.”

I turned his head and kissed him deeply.  I whimpered against his lips as a need for him began to grow inside me.  I wanted to be closer to him.  I wanted to feel his body against mine.

He pulled me closer to him.  Directed me to straddle him.  I pushed his head back against the seat and kissed him.  Began moving against him.  Felt him hard between my legs.

I didn’t open my eyes when I spoke, “I need you.”

He lifted my wet shirt over my head and unclasped my bra.  He stopped for a moment, admiring my body.

“You look exactly how I remember you looking.  I can’t believe you’re here again.”

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss.  He stroked my nipples with his thumbs. I tilted my head back and moaned.  I needed him so badly.  I needed to feel sex as it should feel at least one more time.

I pulled his shirt up over his head.  I wanted to feel his bare skin against mine.  I struggled to open the button of jeans.  He helped me unbutton and unzip them.  I didn’t stop kissing him as I crouched so he could pull his pants down just enough to expose himself.

I didn’t open my eyes as I searched for him.  He inhaled sharply when I found him and groaned as I began stroking him.

“I want you so bad,” he said.

He guided me onto him.  I gasped as I began to slide down him and gasped again as I reached the bottom.  I began rocking against him.  Each rock felt like ecstasy.

His lips never left mine. I felt every hard, heavy breath hot against my lips.  Each groan was intimately close.

I couldn’t be close enough to him.  I couldn’t feel enough of him.  I was hypnotized by the pleasure each touch gave me.

When I came, waves of pleasure cascaded through my body.  I was consumed by him.  My whole body tingled.

“I forgot it could be this good,” I gasped.

“I don’t want you to have to forget again.”

I smiled, so happy to have been reunited with the love of my life.

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