Work Story Part 1 by SlaveZ

I walk up to the office building wondering if I’ll see him today. He is usually running from one place to another and I’m usually back in my office for most of the day. So we often miss each other. Pushing my way through the revolving door, I think about the last time I saw him. It was fleeting and too quick. I’m hoping for a longer meeting today.

I get to the elevators and one is waiting to take me to the top floor. I get in and push the button for the 9th floor. What I would give to get trapped in an elevator with him….

I get to my office and take off my coat and toss my purse in the drawer of my desk. Throwing my keys onto the desk, I think that today feels like a good day. Maybe I’ll see him longer than usual. Maybe he needs my help with something in the kitchen area. They should be starting work up here soonish.

Chef pops his head in the office door and says “Morning!” as I’m opening my laptop and powering it on.

“Morning,” I smile back.

I walk out of the office and go out to the coffee area to make my morning tea and grab a bagel for breakfast. Keeping my eyes peeled for him as I make my tea, I say “Hi” to all the usual customers. As I walk back toward the office, Louis stops me and tells me that Sean was in just a little bit ago and was looking for me.

“Thanks,” I reply and walk back to the office a little depressed. Why did I have to come in late today?

I sit down in my chair behind my desk, butter my bagel and start to get everything ready on my list for the day. I don’t really have too much to do so I slowly plunk away at the first few items on the list.

Soon it’s nearly 10 and I’m ready to grab a smoke break. I put my smokes and my phone in my pocket, grab my ID and make my way to the kitchen. I’ve been walking through the serving area recently with hopes of catching a glimpse of him on my way out. I lucked out one time and saw him as I was passing through. I’ve been hopeful ever since and walk out that way now.

No such luck today. I start to get a little more depressed as I get back to the office after I’ve finished my cigarette. I missed him on the way out and back in. I plop back down in my chair and get back to work.

Before I know it, it’s almost 11. I get up and head out to the register to put our cashier on lunch break. Sean’s out there waiting for me. He is sitting at one of the tables pretending to read something. I try not to notice him but it’s next to impossible with those flawless features and strong physique. I can feel his eyes on my back when I’m turned away. I chat with the cashier as he finishes up a few things before break.

Sean gets a call and gathers up his papers when he hangs up. I’m both disappointed and excited as he walks toward me. I want him to stay a little while longer so I can drink in the eye candy that he provides but he also will get to talk to me on the way out and I immediately get overexcited.

“Hey you,” I say as he comes closer.

“Hey,” He smiles back.  “Were you here yesterday? I missed you.”

“You know I’m here everyday. I just hide in my office most of the day,” I tease him.

“Well, I’m glad I caught you out here today.”

“Yeah, it’s always good to see you,” I reply blushing.

“Well, unfortunately I’ve gotta run somewhere for a bit. I hope I can see you again today,” He says as he comes in close and pokes me in the ribs.

I blush again and flash a grin at him as I jump from the jab.

“You know where I am if you need to bother me. I’m here till 2 usually but I’m staying late today.”

“Sure. I’ll catch you later,” he replies as he starts to walk away.

“See you later.”

As he’s walking away I can’t stop staring at his tall, built figure shrinking down the hallway. It’s going to be depressing in 6-8 months when he’s done with his contract job in the building. At least I can see him while he’s helping to remove all the old piping and replace it in our building.

Lunch goes by without much excitement and soon it’s 1:30. Chef is in the freezer busy trying to get inventory done. He’s leaving early and I’m going to stay and close for him today. I hear our sliding door open and close. No one is supposed to be coming in for anything.

Suddenly, I see Sean standing in the office doorway. He props himself against the doorframe and smiles at me.

“Hey! What do you need?” I ask totally surprised, sure my nerves are making a fool of me.

“I came by to ask you if you’d be able to help me in a bit. Or are you leaving soon?”

“Sure. I’m actually staying late for Chef and closing up, so I’ll be here a little later than normal.”

“Great,” He says as he walks in the office toward my desk.

“Yeah, not a problem,” I smile back.

“It’s not really a big deal but I don’t think anyone else can help me out like you can,” he says leaning over my desk in close to me. His hand reaches up and holds me under my chin. He pulls himself in close and I start to breathe heavily. His lips hold their place close to mine for a moment and then it happens; his lips meet mine and they open. His tongue finds my bottom lip and I open my mouth to let him in. Our tongues, dancing around each other feels amazing.

He pulls away after a few moments and I’m left without breath and a growing heat in my pussy. I wanted that kiss to go on forever.

“I’ll be back in a little while,” He says walking out of the office.

“Okay…..” I’m barely able to get the word out.

The wait for his return feels like it takes forever. But soon the boys are gone and I’m finished counting the drawer. I glance over at the telephone to see what time it is. It’s just past 2:30. Our dishwasher should be getting done any minuet now.

I stand up and close up the safe and walk out to start locking the gates and see how close Juan is to being finished. He’s just walking out of the dishroom and turning off the lights.

“Go ahead and take the trash with you on the way out. I’ll finish up,” I tell him as he walks back toward the kitchen.

I close up the gates and make sure all of the lights are turned off and the  coolers and doors are locked on my way back to the office. I’m the last one left and the suspense is killing me. I sit back down at my desk to check my email one last time when I hear the sliding door once more. A knot tightens in my stomach. I’m so nervous and horny. I get up to see who’s coming in. It’s Sean. He’s sliding the door shut as I approach him smiling.

He locks the door behind him and as I open my mouth to ask what he needs, he’s pushing me back up against the door and forcing his mouth on mine.  My head reels as I close my eyes. I’ve been daydreaming about all sorts of naughty things with this man since the day we met. This isn’t a fantasy. It’s real. He’s really got me pinned to the wall, making out with me. His strong body against mine; something I had imagined plenty of times before never thinking I’d know what it really feels like.

My hands slowly slide up his strong muscled arms and around the back of his neck. I have imagined this many times too. I’ve guessed that as a construction worker, he must be chiseled like a roman statue made of marble. He’s the perfect male specimen. Now my fingertips get to feel those muscles move and ripple as he pulls me closer in his grip.

But soon what’s under my fingers isn’t what I’m focused on; it’s the growing erection pushing at my hip. I immediately want to taste him. I need to feel his cock on my tongue. And before I know what I’m doing, I’m on my knees at his feet pulling the zipper down to reveal his perfect cock. This man has reduced me to a frenzied mess in front of him.

Without thinking about the consequences or the very real possibility of being caught, I pull his thick erection into my mouth and slowly slide down his length. I watch as his head rolls back and lets out a long heavy moan. I slowly tease his cock in an out of my mouth, savoring every inch. He reaches his hand around to the back of my head and helps to ease his cock in and out of my hungry mouth.

I slowly pull his cock out of my mouth and look up at him. My cheeks flush red with embarrassment and we both have the same thought at the same time.

“We shouldn’t do this,” I say leaning my forehead on his thigh.

“You’re right. We probably shouldn’t. But I want it so bad. I want you,” he whispers as he pulls me by the arms back up to my feet.

“I want you too,” I tell him as I nuzzle into his neck. Doubt is racing through my head. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, let along here.

To be continued…

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