The Lewd Finger by Special Guest Blogger J. D’Angelo

Pete sat on the edge of the bed, naked. His cock was erect and his right hand was gently stroking up and down its full length. A good eight inches and thick. His eyes followed my every move as I gyrated in front of the full-length mirror on the wardrobe. My back was towards him and in the reflection I could see his eyes glued to my swaying ass, following every swing and thrust. The black thong I was wearing showed off my cute butt and yet kept hidden from him that which he so desired. I ran my hands up and over my black bra and looked up towards the ceiling, moaning provocatively. Pete’s hand wandered over his nipples, gently rubbing them, something he so liked. As I swayed to the low volume music playing I unclipped my bra strap and allowed the underwear to slide to the carpet. Keeping my back to him I massaged my small breasts and felt my nipples stiffen as I imagined Pete’s fingers and tongue playing with them. Gradually I moved towards the bed, keeping my back to him. One of his hands was back playing with that cock and I longed to wrap my lips around his manhood. As I reached the bed I turned and faced Pete, my hands covering my breasts, my hips swaying to the gentle music.

Slowly I lowered my hands and allowed Pete to see my breasts. I pushed my thong down my long legs and stepped out of them. My right hand began playing with my wet clit, circling and rubbing, while my left hand pinched and twisted my nipples. As Pete stared I slipped a finger inside and for a moment I thought he would come there and then. I pushed my finger in and out quickly, daring him to lose control and shoot his juices over the floor. Just when I thought he might, I pulled my finger out and dropped to my knees in front of his legs and throbbing cock. I reached forward with my head and licked the end of his penis.

I slowly let his cock enter my mouth, my moist lips sliding over his warm member. Pete moaned with pleasure. Placing my hands on his thighs I pressed firmly and slid my fingers up and down his hairy skin. I kissed and licked the end of his warm cock and could feel it quivering on my mouth. Withdrawing my lips I looked up and saw disappointment registering on Pete’s face. Oh yes, I was the one who dictated the timing here. I licked the waggling cock and teased it with my tongue before letting it push into my mouth. I took it deeper, feeling the thrust along my inner cheeks. I took it fully in until I felt the first signs of gagging. Pulling back I let the cock drop from my lips and gazed at the now wet, shiny hardness. My right hand slipped under Pete’s balls and I stroked them, gently then more firmly. He squirmed with delight.

Returning his glistening cock to my mouth I began to move rhythmically up and down the shaft, gradually clasping it more securely with my lips. He tasted divine. Faster and faster I bobbed my head up and down, the wetness coating the hard member, making it easier to slide in and out. The moanings from his open mouth increased and his legs twitched. I ran my teeth hard up and down the hot, wet cock. I felt him spasm and heard him cry out. Hot juices spurted into my mouth and down my throat. 

I placed my hands on Pete’s knees and pushed myself up. We looked into each others’ eyes and I smiled as I bent forwards and kissed him with sticky lips.

“Now hurry up, Pete, get back downstairs to the reception. Your new bride Sasha will be wanting to hear your bridegroom’s speech…”


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