Work Story (Part 2-the finale) by SlaveZ

“No one will know. It’ll be our secret.”

I look up at him and nod my head. If I speak I may ruin the moment and I want so badly for what we started to continue.

He crushes his mouth back against mine before I do say anything I’ll regret. Eager and hungry for more, we share a deep kiss, our tongues searching every last bit of the other’s.

The buttons on my blouse have started coming undone by his nimble fingers. He’s slowly exposing my breasts clad in just my bra. I guess it was a good thing I didn’t wear an undershirt today- just more to take off later.

He takes his mouth off mine and begins to trail hot wet kisses slowly down my neck. This is where I loose all self-control and any inhibitions that I once had are gone. He’s pushed that button on my neck that sets the wild animal in me free. I ball my fists up in the collar of his shirt, pull him closer to me and let out a loud moan as a drop my head back and close my eyes in pure pleasure.

“Shhhh,” he whispers in my ear and pressing his finger to my lips. I had nearly forgotten that we’re standing in the back hall of the kitchen. Someone could come in if they had the keys. I take his index finger into my mouth and give it small playful licks and start to suck as I flush red again, realizing that I almost got us caught.

“I can’t take it. I need you. Take me, please,” I pant into his neck.

“I will, but I want all of your body. Let’s go to the office.”

He takes me by the hand and leads me to my desk, the door clicking locked behind him. I’m dazed and feel like a needy mess as my bottom finds the edge of my desk. I could barely take what this man did to me in my fantasies. How will I be able to handle what he does to me in real life?

Slowly and deliberately he pushes the few things that I have on my desk (thank god I keep my desk perfectly clean and organized all the time) to the side and moves my laptop to the top of the filing cabinet.

He grabs me by the hips and kisses me passionately as he slowly lowers me on top of the desk on my back. I’m lost under him and my hands weave their way all over his muscled back. I find the end of his shirt and lift it up his back, needing to see and confirm what my hands are feeling. I need to feast my eyes on his perfect chest and stomach.

He pulls himself off of me as I reach the top of his back with my hands still gripped to his shirt. Pulling it off in one quick motion, he reveals the chiseled abs and chest that I’ve been dreaming of. My eyes must have been popping out of my head because he smiles and gives a little chuckle.

“You’re not used to the royal treatment, are you?”

“I’ve never had anyone as gorgeous as you,” I breathe at him.

“Neither have I,” he smiles, leaning back down over me.

My hands start near his neck and travel slowly down over his shoulders and over his biceps. I can feel them flex as he leans his weight on them to bring his mouth to mine for another crushing kiss. Back up his arms, over his chest and down his washboard stomach my hands trail. They linger around his waist and I push my fingers through his belt loops and grip tight. I pull his hips into mine and feel his hard cock pushing at my stomach. A drop of precum is smeared along my hip as he grinds himself against me.

He pulls his mouth off mine and looks at me with a fire burning behind his eyes. Our lust is consuming us and soon we’ll be lost.

Reaching down, he pulls me up by the back of my neck. As I sit up, I let my blouse fall off of me to reveal my shoulders and chest. I lean in and start to lick and kiss his bare chest as he expertly unhooks my bra. I let it fall and shudder as I feel his strong hands find my freshly exposed tits and caresses my already taught nipples. He lightly pinches and pulls them making them impossibly harder.

My whole body is vibrating with the heat behind my pubic bone and he lowers himself to his knees in front of me. One by one he takes each of my nipples into his hot mouth and teases them. He’s lightly licking and sucking while my hands behind his head pull his mouth closer to my chest.

With those strong expert hands, he’s moved to the front of my pants where he’s undone the button and zipper, pulling them down past my hips. I lift my ass up off the desk to help him get them off.

He groans softly as I’m exposed in front of him. He gently pushes at my chest to lay me back down across my desk. I shiver as my bare back touches the cold smooth wood.

As his left hand slowly trails down my front, his right hand is at the inside of my thigh, spreading me open. I feel his left hand continue lower till it reaches the top of my mound and the right one comes in to spread my wet lips open. I gasp as his thumb comes down to rub my swollen clit and his lips and tongue kiss my inner thigh.

He’s slowly leading his mouth toward my aching wet pussy and I’m writhing under his hot touch to my clit. I start to let out another loud moan as tongue finally finds my clit but stop myself, remembering where we are. He pushes his delicious tongue against my clit and starts to lick and suck, my hips bucking under his hands. I push my hands to the back of his head once more and pull him into me, inviting his tongue.

“You taste so good. I’ve been imagining doing this to you for so long,” he breathes into my pussy and then continues lapping at my tender lips and sensitive clit.

“I’ve been imagining you doing this to me for far too long.”

My eyes flutter shut and I let my head rest on the desk. Back arching as I pull his sweet tongue closer to me, I let out another husky moan. I’m about ready to come. I can feel the waves of pleasure pounding against me. The dam bursts as he pushes two fingers inside me and gently pushes upwards as his tongue flicks my sensitive clit. My orgasm rips through me and I struggle to keep my voice down and my mouth shut. Every part of me wants to cry out as loudly as I can while I come all over his hand.

Slowly, still breathing like I just ran a marathon, I open my eyes to find him leaning over me again. With his eyes fixed on mine and his fingers still moving gently inside me, he leans down and kisses my chest, neck and cheeks. His lips find mine and I take in his taste and mine. I playfully run my tongue along his bottom lip and he responds by moving his fingers inside me hard, up against my tender inner spot.

I suck in a ragged breath and my hips involuntarily push up toward him as he continues his slow sweet stimulation inside me. My need to be filled by him is growing quickly. I want to feel every inch of him filling me up. I need to feel his length push slowly into me to the hilt.

“Please, I need you inside me.”

“You want me to take you now?” He asks against my lips.

“Yes, please. I need you,” I beg.

He stands at the edge of the desk with his throbbing length poised at my wet opening ready to push into me. He waits a few moments, hesitating; the head of his cock pushed up against my slick folds and his eyes focused on my mound.

“Please,” I beg again, my eyes pleading with him.

He looks up at me and sees the desire in my eyes. I’ve made up his mind for him. We’re too far to go back now.

“Fuck,” he groans as he begins to slide himself into my waiting channel.

“Yes,” I breathe out as I feel him push me open with his thick cock.

He slowly starts to slide himself in and out of me and I pant at each stroke downward pushes deeper inside me. I never thought I’d feel him fuck me and now that it’s actually happening, it’s a million times better than I had ever imagined it. His cock is thick and long. It fits perfectly inside me.

His pace quickens and I feel his cock pulsing and growing inside of me. I can feel him coming closer to his fulfillment inside me and it in turn drives my own orgasm closer to the edge.

With his one hand on my hip and the other on my mound, his thumb rubbing my clit, he pulls me onto his hard length harder and faster. We’re both at the edge of our climax, ready to jump. My hands are on his hips pulling him into me harder.

“Oh God, yes!” I moan loudly as my body finds release and my inner muscles grip and pull him into me.

“Fuck!” He grunts at me as he feels me come on his cock. It’s pushes him off the edge and I feel his seed spill into me, it’s warmth filling me.

We wait for a few moments still in each other’s embrace. I feel him slowly slide himself out of me and I gasp as he finally slides all the way out. He leans his head on my chest and exhales slowly, his breath warming my skin. My hands wander up his back and grip his shoulders and neck, cradling his head against me.

“That was better than I imagined it would be,” he whispers into me as he lifts himself over me.

“That was nothing like I thought it would be. You’re fantastic. How did we not do that sooner?” I question.

“I’ve wanted it since the first time I met you. You’ve been on my mind since that day,” he admits.

“You’re always in my fantasies. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have you.”

“It’s a shame we couldn’t have had a more comfortable place,” he nods at the desk I’m still lying on.

“I’ll take you any time, any where,” I giggle at him, blushing.

“It’ll be our little secret,” He smiles at me.


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