Thigh Gaps: Another Ridiculous Weight Loss Trend




My newest column for Fatal Foxes is a comical look at the thigh gap trend:

The latest overblown beauty trend is the thigh gap.  When you stand with your feet together, your thighs aren’t supposed to touch. The bigger the gap, the better.  And this is put forth by some as the standard of beauty.  You know, anorexic-looking legs.  How could that be anything other than sexy?

Who even thought of this?  I picture some mean girl in high school saying, “Look, I can put my feet together and there’s a gap between my thighs.  Oh my god, you guys don’t have a gap?  You’re all disgusting.”  And through these words, a trend was born and ultimately spread on Tumblr.

Now, I know the natural inclination is to stand in front of the mirror to see if you have a thigh gap.  I’ll admit it.  I did it.  And my thigh gap is not perfect.  So I wondered:  how does one get a thigh gap other than through the obvious means of starvation?

Luckily, there are a ton of articles and videos explaining how to get the elusive thigh gap. I was enlightened by a wiki article that explains how to get a thigh gap in three easy steps:  load up on estrogen, perform exercises that don’t target your thighs, and simply don’t eat junk food.  You can find the article here:

You may be confused.  For starters, how can loading up on a hormone known to cause weight gain give you a thigh gap?  Don’t worry.  The article goes into great detail on the estrogen subject.  The theory is estrogen will give your rounder hips and rounder hips will inevitably give you a thigh gap.  Never mind the fact that it may also give you thicker thighs.

But, if you find yourself willing to take the risk of all over weight gain in an effort to get those wider hips, the article goes on to explain how to load up on estrogen.  First, it suggests waiting for puberty when your hips become rounder and wider.  I can’t help but disagree with this theory.  I think the last time I was skinny enough to have a thigh gap, I was probably twelve.

Don’t worry, if you’re over the age of twelve, you can also take hormonal birth control and load up on foods that naturally contain estrogen.  Loading up on estrogen may also cause mood swings, mania, irritability, and hot flashes.  But who cares if you’re a huge bitch if you manage to get a thigh gap?

Now, you may be tempted to over-exercise.  The article acknowledges this possibility.  After all, you’re loading up on weight-inducing estrogen to gain those coveted rounded hips, you may be tempted to exercise it off, but the article points out how counter-productive that is.  Exercise will only lower your estrogen levels.

Finally, if you still don’t see a thigh gap after bulking up on estrogen, the article advises you see a doctor to figure out just what the heck is wrong with you.  How could you not possibly have a thigh gap?  You’re on estrogen for Christ sake.

The article also discusses diet and exercise.  The focus should be on toning, but whatever you do, don’t do lunges, squats, leg curls or any other exercise specifically designed to work your thigh muscles.  You don’t want strong, tone thighs!  You want skinny, underdeveloped thighs.

As for diet, it is very brief.  And it leaves out the most obvious dieting tip of them all.  Starving yourself.  Because let’s face it, that’s the only way most of us could ever get a thigh gap.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this column making fun of the thigh gap and how to get it.  It’s because I find the entire thigh gap trend ridiculous and over-scandalized.  I don’t think women are suddenly becoming anorexic trying to get a thigh gap.  I think women, who are already anorexic, have found another marker by which to judge themselves.  And I doubt whether most of the thigh gap images I’ve seen depict anorexic women.  I think the vast majority depict naturally skinny girls.  Skinny is not going out of style any time soon.

I also think the average women doesn’t care whether she has a thigh gap, because she realizes no one else cares.  The average woman realizes curvy legs can be beautiful too.  I’m one of those women.  Hell, my legs have gotten complimented recently by both men and women; even though, I don’t have a thigh gap.  Maybe, they took pity on me or maybe, just maybe, they didn’t care if I had a thigh gap.



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