Reuniting (Another excerpt from my novel)

I saw Blake staring at me from the middle of the room.

I wanted him to kiss me, but I didn’t want him to know it. I played it casual. “Okay, are you ready?”

“Yeah, come here and I’ll lead you down.”

My heartbeat quickened. I moved toward him hesitantly.  The beer, the weed, the night spent in his lap reliving the good times, made me forget the bad.  I wanted him so badly.

I touched his stomach, keeping my head down, suddenly feeling very shy, afraid of revealing the intensity of my feelings for him.

He lifted my chin, cradled my head in his hands, forcing me to look at him.  He spoke softly, “I love you.”

He didn’t give me a chance to respond. He tightened his grip on me, clinching my hair in his fists.  He tilted my head back and kissed me as deeply as he could.Add New

My hands moved up his back.  I felt only an overwhelming need for him.  I could think of nothing else.

He continued kissing me until he heard me whimper. He lifted his head, but didn’t release me. Under heavy breath, he said, “We can make everything better right now.”

“Blake…” I replied, in a small, scared voice.

He let go of my hair, lifted my arms and placed them on his shoulders.  I wrapped my arms around his neck.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

I pulled him down and kissed him with wild desperation.  I felt his hands unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts, pulling them down.  They fell to the floor.

I stopped kissing him and pushed him away.  I took off my shirt, pulled my bra up, stepped out of my shorts.  “I want you to make me forget.”

He threw me onto the bed and hurriedly worked to expose himself.

“No. I want you naked. I want to feel you against me.  He rushed to take off his clothes.  He ran his fingers along my stomach and up to my breasts.  I whimpered and arched my back as he reached my nipples.

He spread my legs.  He felt between my legs.  “You still have your panties.”

“Take them off.”

“You’re so wet.”

“Please hurry.”

He pulled my panties down, spread my legs and slowly slipped inside me.

“Goddamnit Blake, fuck me now.”

He kissed my neck as he listened to me scream his name. He remembered how to pull my trigger and did it quickly.  My body shook uncontrollable until I yelled, “Oh my god” and experienced an unbelievable strong orgasm.  Blake lasted about thirty seconds more before he came and collapsed on top of me.

My senses began coming back to me.  “We need to get up, but I don’t think I can move.”

He forced me to look him in the eyes.  “You belong to me now okay? You’re my girlfriend in every way.  No hiding, no taking it slow, no Brad.”


He kissed me gently.  “I love you Lana.”

“I love you too.”

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