I dreamt about you last night. I dreamed you were somewhere behind me, just out of reach. I searched for you in the darkness. I wanted to feel the safety of your arms. The softness of your lips. Your naked body against mine.

And then you began to materialize before me. I tentatively touched your fingertips, not sure if you were really there. Afraid you’d disappear. But you didn’t.

I looked into your eyes and saw love. I saw how much you wanted me. The intensity of your feelings. I saw your eyes search mine for confirmation that I felt the same way.

You found it. You ran your fingers through my hair, gripped it, tilted my head back, and kissed me deeply.

Our clothes disappeared. You kissed my neck, then my breasts. You kissed your way down my body. Suckled my clit as I arched my back and moaned your name.

Then you entered me. Teasing me at first, making me beg for you to move. Beg you to thrust deep inside me.

And when you finally did, it was ecstasy. You gave me more pleasure than anyone else ever could. And when I came, I felt the immense pleasure pass through my body in waves.

You’re the man of my dreams. Now come find me.


  1. Such a sensual dream, let’s hope he soon finds you…

  2. I had the same dream *shifty*

    ha seriously, that was lovely – thank you!

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