ABC’s of Sex: M is for Masseuse

Miriam is the best masseuse around. She excels at her craft. She keeps her clients satisfied and coming back for more. And she’s usually so professional.

Until David came in. David was beautiful. He came in on his lunch hour, dressed in a grey suit, which contrasted beautifully with his milk chocolate skin. He was slim and she knew his suit was hiding muscles that she couldn’t wait to see. He had full lips that she couldn’t help but imagine kissing. He had the biggest, most beautiful puppy dog eyes that turned her into a giggling mess.

Despite how nervous he made her, she managed to maintain some level of professionalism. She asked him what type of massage he wanted and only blushed slightly when he responded with “full body.” She took him to one of the private rooms and handed him a towel and told him to undress.

Her heart pounded with anticipation when she knocked on the door a few minutes later. Her heart beat reached a crescendo when she opened the door and saw him standing before her, naked, with the exception of a towel tied around his waist. She could now see the muscles the suit had hidden.

She managed to instruct him to lay down on the table on his stomach. He smiled warmly, said he couldn’t wait, and did as he was told. She began by massaging his shoulders. His tight muscles released under her well-trained touch. He inhaled through clenched teeth and complimented her ability.

His compliment turned her on. She bit her lower lip. Began to sweat. And felt a tingling between her legs.

She enjoyed herself as she slowly moved down his body. She admired each muscle as she massaged away his tension. She massaged closer to his ass than she did with any other client. She couldn’t help herself. She had to resist the temptation not to massage it as well.

After finally finishing his backside, she instructed him to turn over. He carefully held onto the towel as he turned over. She hoped the towel would fall. She wanted a peak at what was hidden underneath.

She wanted do more than merely please him. She wanted to do more than make him groan. She wanted to turn him on. And she wanted to see the evidence.

She began at his shoulders and slowly worked her way down. She leaned a bit too far forward so that she could subtly touch her breasts against his bare skin. She skipped his mid-section and began massaging his feet before slowly working her way up his legs, getting nearer and nearer to the towel.

As she neared the towel, it began to move. He apologized for his erection, obviously embarrassed. She reassured him.

“That’s okay,” she replied, “That’s what I was waiting for.”

He stared at her for a moment. She gave him a sly smile in return.

“Well you better finish your massage then,” he said, “I want the happy ending.”

Miriam said nothing in return. Instead, she slowly pulled the towel down, revealing his erection. Then she grabbed a bottle of massage oil and allowed some of the warm oil to drop onto his dick. He groaned in response.

She hesitated for just a moment before she began massaging his dick with her expert hands.

“Holy shit,” he moaned, “you do that better than anyone else.”

She became more aroused as she listened to him moan with each stroke. She wanted more than to give him a happy ending. She wanted him to return the favor.

So she stopped and listened proudly as he begged for more. She smiled and reassured him that she wasn’t done. She licked up one side of his shaft and down the other before taking all of him into her mouth. She worked her way up and down his shaft, becoming wetter with each stroke.

He suddenly took charge. He took her long, black hair in his hands and forced her take even more of him in her mouth, causing her to gag with each stroke. Her eyes watered. She grasped him in her hand, stroking him as she sucked on him.

He pulled her off his dick. He demanded she get a condom out of his wallet. She walked on shaking legs to get his wallet. She found the condom easily and took it out of its wrapper. She put it in her mouth and slid it over his dick.

He grabbed her hair again and pulled her off his dick. He stood, bent her over the table, pulled up her skirt, and pulled down her panties. He rubbed her dripping wet pussy before forcing himself inside.

Miriam screamed at the sudden and overwhelming pleasure David brought her. He covered my mouth to silence her. He grabbed her hair. Pulled her head back. Fucked her hard and fast. Brought her close to the edge without letting her go over.

She felt his sweat drip onto her lower back and roll down to her ass. He noticed too and smacked the sweat off her ass. She whimpered. The pleasure was almost too intense to withstand.

He bent her farther over and fucked her deeper, hitting her in exactly the right spot. She moaned at each stroke, coming closer and closer to the brink, before finally going over. She collapsed onto the table and laughed as waves of pleasure cascaded through her body.

He gave her a few more hard strokes before coming himself and collapsing on top of her. He panted for a few moments, unable to speak.

Finally, he stood and began to dress. Miriam pulled up her panties and pulled down her skirt. She pulled her hair back into a bun in an attempt to hide what had just happened. Neither she nor David spoke as he dressed.

After he dressed, David finally spoke, “So…uh…how much do I owe you?”

“Don’t worry about it,” she replied, “This one’s on the house.”


  1. So very sensual and arousing,..

  2. oh I want such a free service .. too hot . you sure gave me a hardening effect LOL

  3. do you guys have erotic poetry column
    it can be an entertaining addition

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