ABC’s of Sex: T is for Temptation

I haven’t had much time to write lately and I think I may have run out of ways to describe sex, but here is T is for Temptation:

Lyla loved her husband Rich. She really did. But they had begun to grow apart. There was a distant between them she couldn’t quite bridge. She tried talking to him about it, but that only seemed to make things worse.

It was these problems that led her to become so easily distracted by Terrence, her boss. Terrence was tall, well-built, almost intimidating. He had dark skin and long dread locks he kept pulled back at work. He was a professional with an edge. And incredibly handsome.

Lyla couldn’t help but daydream about Terrence. She filled the sexless void in her marriage with fantasies of Terrence. Terrence throwing her onto the bed. Terrence going down on her with wild abandon. Fucking her hard and deep, just like she needed. She imagined running her hands over his muscles. Kissing his lips. Sucking his dick while he sang her praises.

And she knew she could have him if she wanted him. She knew when a man wanted her. And Terrence wanted her. It was the way he looked at her. The way he looked deeply into her eyes. The way his eyes hovered over her breasts. The way he liked to lean over her chair to give her direction. And it was the way he gave her extra special attention.

So when her marriage seemed all but dead and she had given up trying to revive it, she decided to finally give Terrence what he wanted. And he made it easy for her. He asked her to work late. He gave them time to be alone.

She sat nervously at her desk all that afternoon, her mind fixated on the possibilities. She imagined him running his hands up her legs, under her skirt, lifting it to reveal her pink lace panties. He’d pull those panties down, feel her wet pussy, make her beg him to fuck her. She’d do as he asked and he’d take her right there on her desk.

By the time 5:00 rolled around, her panties were soaked. She needed him so badly.

She walked on shaky legs toward his office. When she walked into his office, she found him standing before piles of paperwork, each stacked a foot high.

She laughed, “You really do need some help.”

He returned her smile, “I’m hoping for a rescue.”

She sat down to get started and they chatted casually, but she couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand. Not with him sitting but a few inches from her. She wanted him to take her right then and there.

Their hands brushed. She felt a wave of electricity go through her body. She couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to cut to the chase.

“How are things?” she asked, “Do you have a girlfriend waiting for you at home?”

“Nope,” he replied, “I’m all yours.”

She caught his eye. He stared at her for a moment. She could see in his eyes the same need she had for him. He leaned toward her….

The doorbell rang. They both jumped.

“I better get it,” she said, “It might be a package.”

When she opened the door and saw her husband standing there, she felt momentarily disappointed, and then immensely guilty.

“I brought dinner,” he said.

He held a pizza box in his hands. She looked at him sadly. Regretting what she was about to do. Regretting getting so caught up in the moment. And regretting giving up on him.

“Thank you,” she said, “Do you want to stay and eat with us?”

“No,” he replied, “I’ll let you get back to work, but I’ll see you at home.”

He gave her a soft, gentle kiss before leaving.

The mood changed between her and Terrence after her husband left. She wasn’t flirty and he was all business.

When she got home, Rich surprised her by meeting her at the door. He was on her as soon as she closed the door. It was Rich who lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. It was rich who felt her wet pussy and it was Rich who made her beg for it.

He went down on her, suckling her clit as he fingered her. He knew exactly where to touch her. Exactly how to work her clit. She came within minutes, but Rich wasn’t done with her.

She gasped and begged him to stop as he continued to go down on her, but he wouldn’t listen. The pleasure was too intense. She was too sensitive from coming once before.

He finally stopped but he wasn’t done with her. He pulled down his pants, grabbed her hair and pulled her head to his dick. She took him in her mouth and began working up and down his shaft. He inhaled through clenched teeth. She gagged and drooled. She could feel his muscles tense as he came closer to orgasm.

He pulled her head from him and came on her face.

With the cum still dripping from her face, she began to masturbate for him. She began with one finger before adding another and then another. She ran her other hand over her breasts and pinched her nipples.

It wasn’t long before he wanted her again. He grabbed both her hands and raised them above her head. He held onto them as he pushed himself inside of her. The sudden influx of pleasure made her whimper. He fuck her hard and deep like she had needed so badly. It didn’t take long before she was coming again.

Afterward, as they each lay panting, she kissed him on the cheek and admired his features. She was


  1. very lusty lady in the story i mean :p

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