The Chase Part 1 by SlaveZ

Holding my breath, afraid to make a sound as I wait under cover of darkness. I hear your approach. You step out into a pillar of light, your broad shoulders highlighted in the bright beam as the rest of you is cast in shadow. Mist plumes from your mouth as you exhale slowly trying to catch your breath. You wait and listen closing your eyes and focusing your mind. I swear I can see your nostrils twitching as if to gather my scent. Your fists are clenched tight, knuckles turning white. You’re straining to hear me give my position away but I’m careful to control my breathing and not utter a sound.

“You can’t hide forever. Soon your desire will give you up and I’ll find you,” you yell as I watch the vapor from your hot breath rise up and dance away from you.

You turn and walk away, rubble and crumbing cement crunching softly beneath your steps. The noise fades away and just as soon as you appeared, you’re gone like an elusive predator stalking its prey. I wait silently before making my next move, calculating the precise movement to my next hiding place. Our game continues on.

I swiftly and silently stand and survey my surroundings. Familiar with the concrete jungle that has become our playground, I bolt to an adjacent room and climb through the window to the next.

I tiptoe through the hall to a large dark room, save for a few small holes in the ceiling where light cast from the moon shines down in long spotlights. I’ve come to recognize this large hall as the remains of an old theater and carefully crawl my way to the front of the stage. Silently I slip down into the safety of the orchestra pit and climb into a corner. I’ve known this spot to be safe before. You’ve never discovered me here. I’m not sure if you know of its existence. It’s been a safe haven from close encounters before.

I begin to relax and sit in the tight corner and wait for my eyes to adjust to the darkness here in the pit. It’s always been empty save for one old broken violin bow in the opposite corner. I crawl on hands and knees to the other corner and find it waiting in its dusty grave. I stand up and take a glance over the high wall to the opposite end of the theater and a chill runs down my spine as I see you walk through the corridor between the gaping doors. Quickly I duck back into my safe haven and wait out the next few minuets before I breathe easy once more.

I crawl back over to the empty corner and sit down and lean my head back against the wall behind me. I close my eyes and let the thrill of the chase course it’s way through me. A bead of sweat drips down my forehead and I swipe it away.

Suddenly I hear a creak behind me. The old floorboards of the stage buckle under someone’s weight. I can hear footsteps coming closer. I quickly prepare to jump the wall and run for it. The footsteps cease and I can hear a shuffling. I decide it’s best to flee the pit and find a new hiding place.

I silently stand and prepare to run when two strong hands grab me by the arms and haul me onto the stage. I scream out of surprise and start to flail but it’s too late I’m already in his powerful grip and being restrained.
“Found you,” you breathe into my ear and squeeze me tight against your chest bare flesh caressing my shoulders, neck and arms. Your right arm has my both of mine held firmly in front of me as you reach up across my chest to my neck. The loose grip of your hand around the base of my neck sends my need coursing through me with renewed vigor.

“How did you know where I was?” I pant.

“I’ve known about your little hiding place here for quite some time,” you say flashing a smile and turning me in his grip.


“I found my way up to the lighting booth and saw you down here a few times,” you say grinning salaciously.

I flush with embarrassment knowing very well what I’ve done down here by myself when waiting, unable to keep my hands under control during our game.
“You were watching?” I ask incredulously.

“From there,” you point towards the ceiling to the small lighting booth.

I turn to glance at where you’re pointing when at the same moment I’m being pulled to center stage where our spotlight waits for its performance.
Standing in the beam of cool light, you look me over, your eyes inspecting me from head to foot. Your gaze returns to my chest and fire burns behind the dark brown of your eyes. My skin is wet with the humidity of the night. I wait for your touch, anticipating the feel of you against my skin.

Craving it.

You reach out a hand and I want so badly to push myself into your touch. Yet, I wait. I know the rules to our game. You have absolute control over me. I cannot move and I cannot speak. This is the price I pay for allowing myself to be caught. A ferocious grin crosses your lips like the lion that’s taken down the gazelle. I’m yours. I submit. You can break me and you know I’ll comply.

Your hand moves in and rest against my neck once more. My skin prickles at the contact and I let out a long breath. The anticipation is filling me and fueling my fire. My desire for you is overwhelming. I want to shout for you to take me but I must resist. You will take me when you know I need it most. You will slowly give me back my senses, one by one.

I feel your fingertips slowly trace down over my clavicle and to the top of my fleshy breast. Tracing the outline, your fingertip dips between both, sinking ever lower. Hooking your finger in my shirt, you pull the fabric down to reveal what your hungry stare has been waiting for. My small full breasts are thrust out and my nipples perk up and out, reaching for your hot touch.

You step forward and bring yourself closer. I can see the heat of your body coming off you in small waves of steam. I know how your blood boils at the thought of my compliance. The thrill of the chase has entranced us both.

I close my eyes as you kneel before me, ready to worship my body as your goddess. You grab my wrist and pull me down after you. I sink back to eye level and look up under heavy eyelashes and see how the fire of your desire has been stoked.

Your head moves forward and your lips hover over mine. I open my mouth in anticipation of your warm wet tongue gliding along mine. But I feel your breath move down to my base of my neck near my throat. Your lips press against my skin and I shudder as your open mouth sucks hard against my most sensitive place. I let my head fall back a bit to give you better access to my throat. My fingers are aching to twist their way through your hair at the back of your head and pull you closer to me.

I feel a quick sharp pain as you close your teeth on my sensitive skin and as soon as you put your lips on me, they retreat. Your hands move up to take their place and slowly start to move down to the outside of each breast. You pull around and cup one in each hand pushing them forward but leaving my nipples aching to be touched. Slowly you lower your mouth to just hover over one aching tip. Your hot breath teasing my skin soaks me and I want to beg you to take me. I want to scream for you to break me.

“I love to watch you try to keep control over yourself. I love to see you fight it. I love to see you submit to me,” you whisper at me. Still gripping my breasts and holding your place just barely touching my hard nipple, you know how badly I want to beg for you.

You unleash your tongue and it finds my skin just below my nipple and slowly traces a semi circle around the hard tip but not touching it yet. Moving your tongue just below my hard peak once more, you look up at me with your tongue still outstretched. I’m staring hard back down at you with my teeth clenched tight, willing you with my mind to take it into your waiting mouth.

You can see my need behind my eyes and you grant my wish. Your warm tongue slowly slides up and over my nipple and I shudder under your tongue’s spell. As you take the whole of it into your mouth and suck gently, lapping at it’s taught point I take a sharp breath in and hold it. I exhale slowly as you move to my other nipple and I revel in the feel of your hands and mouth finally upon me.

You quickly pull off my shirt and pull me into a strong embrace and move your mouth back down to my neck to tease my favorite place once more. My breathing is turning ragged with need as you slowly move down to my shoulder and continue to kiss me. The feel of your skin along mine is sending my head spinning and I’m not sure just how long I can keep playing our game. Truly, this is a test of my self-control and most definitely yours.
Your hands wander south and one rests on my hip as the other covers my mound over my shorts, warmth radiating from beneath. Lips finally finding mine, I can feel your hand move back up to my hip and you push my shorts down to my knees. I open my mouth for your tongue and it eagerly slides inside to tangle it’s self with mine. Gripping my ass, I can feel your need pushing against my hip through the rough fabric of your jeans. I immediately want to take it into my mouth. I’m panting and moaning softly into your mouth as your tongue and hands play with me just barely touching my sensitive bud.

“Let’s see how bad you want me?” you say as your fingers dip deeper and barely brush my wet lips. I bite my lip ready to feel him inside me in anyway I can have him.

“God, you are ready,” you grin at me pulling your fingers away.

I’m left breathless. I’m going to loose it. I want to scream out my desire and you can see it in my eyes.

“You want me, don’t you?” you whisper in my ear. I bite down hard on my lip and a metallic taste floods my mouth. In my struggle to keep my place in our game I’ve hit my limit. You spot the blood trickling down my chin and the need in my eyes.

“I want you to beg me to fuck you. Beg me.”

“Please. Please, I need to feel you inside me,” I gasp back at you, thankful to have my voice back.

“Good girl,” you coo back.

I feel your hands around my ass again and I feel you squeeze and spank me. The sharp noise echoes off the walls and carries through the theater. Our performance is now in full swing.

“Please,” I moan at you.

You slowly slide two fingers inside me and pull slowly back out, keeping this maddening pace for a few more minuets. As I continue my pleading, I feel your hand move away from my breast. Through our panting and my loud moaning I can hear you unzip your jeans and your hard erection pushes against my hip again this time without the fabric that kept me in control. At the feel of your bare cock against me I bite down on my lip and renew the flow of blood.

Pushing me down by my hips, I sit beneath you your hard cock tempting me. You continue to push me down onto my back and look up into my face. You see my pain and you know how far you’ve taken me. Words could never express my want for you and my desire to have you. I’ve made myself bleed for our game, for you.

“Show me how badly you need me. Let me feel your whole body on mine,” you command knowing that our game is nearly up. Your lips are near mine and I feel your tongue run up along my chin collecting my blood and pushing it back into me with your tongue, my essence in both our mouths.
My hands fly away from me and pull your mouth onto mine with such intensity I swear our skulls will crack against each other. I weave my hands behind your head, through your hair and over your shoulders. Finally able to feel your skin against my tingling fingertips, I loose my self-control. Our performance has reached its peak in this dark concert hall.

You tear my shorts all the way off and I hear them land somewhere nearby. You stand over me, lying naked and ready. Bloodied and broken I lay waiting.

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