Friends with Benefits

He’s my guilty pleasure. My late night gratification. The man I see for a guaranteed good time. The man I know will do everything exactly right. The man I know will have me on the edge of ecstasy from the moment he touches my body until he finally lets me cum. And then there’s always a second round.

Just looking at him gets me wet. He greets me with a mischievous little grin that makes me melt. He takes off his shirt and I run my hands over perfectly sculpted chest and abdominal muscles. He hugs me with big, strong arms. And when I pull down his pants, I expose the biggest cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of touching, sucking, or fucking.

But, even though he gave me so much pleasure, even though he was there for me when no one else was, I tried to let him go. I tried to replace him. I thought I could find someone better. I looked for someone who could be everything, but found men who were nothing.

So I came back to him. Begging for forgiveness. Expecting to be punished and craving the discipline. I was ecstatic when he finally agreed to see me.

When I saw him, my heart fluttered. I dropped to my knees. Tore off my shirt and bra and looked up into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” I murmured.

He responded by pulling down his shorts, exposing the dick I so longed to touch. I looked into his eyes and licked up the length of his shaft before taking as much of him into my mouth as I could. He grew impatient with my efforts, took my hair into his hands, assumed control, and fucked my mouth, making me gag and my eyes water.

He began to moan. I thought he was going to cum. I thought he’d make me choke on it. But he stopped abruptly, pulled me up by my hair, and led me to the bedroom.

He threw me onto the bed and I rolled over onto my back. He pulled down my pants, my panties. He knelt next to me and began rubbing my clit. I ran my hand over his stomach, feeling the muscles I had missed so much, before taking him in my mouth. I tried to concentrate as he rubbed my clit and the pleasure began to build. I wanted to suck his dick. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to show him how sorry I was. I wanted him to know that my pleasure was secondary to his.

But that’s not what he wanted. He pulled my mouth off his cock and spread my legs. I gasped as he pushed his cock inside me. I moaned as I felt him stretch my pussy. I whimpered as he began thrusting. He held my head. Buried his face in my neck. Rocked against my hips. And brought me closer and closer to ecstasy with every thrust.

He stopped abruptly and guided me on top of him. I knelt on shaking legs and slid down the length of him. I cried out as I reached the bottom. He felt so good I couldn’t move. He held my hips and helped me get started. Cupped my breasts in his hands. Kissed my nipples, tickling each with his tongue. I cradled his head in my hands as I rode him. Begged him to bite my nipples and whined as he obeyed. I rode him until the pleasure finally overcame me and I came with a gush. He smiled up at me as my cum trickled down the sides of his cock.

He didn’t give me a break. He wanted me on my hands and knees. He wanted to watch my ass shake as he thrust into me. He wanted to smack it. Make it his own. And he wanted to punish me, make me whine, beg for mercy, until finally, he came with one big final thrust.

He collapsed onto the bed next to me and rolled over so he was facing me. We smiled at each other and I knew I could never give him up. He’s been there for me when no one else has. He knows how to make me forget. He’s all I need.


  1. Now that was a reunion for the ages. Tempestuously told might I add.

  2. Always fulfilling to have guilty pleasure like that, wonderful write…xx

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