First Time Hot Wife

      He said he wanted to share, but I had my doubts.  I didn’t want to get into to it, only to have him change his mind.  I didn’t want him to realize his fantasy should have stayed fantasy after making it a reality.  I didn’t want him to take his regret out on me.
      He assured me he was fine.  He wanted to share me with another man.  He wanted a threesome.  He gave me permission to feel excited.  He told me it was okay to want to fuck someone else.  It turned him on that I wanted to fuck someone else.
      He came up behind me, pressed his body against my back, and wrapped his arms around my waist.  His breath tickled my ear as he murmured, “Tell me you want to fuck someone else.”
     I felt a rush of adrenaline.  Thinking of fucking someone else did excite me, but I was too shy and scared to tell him so.
     He pulled back my hair and kissed my neck.  “I want you to be my little slut , are you my little slut?” he asked.
     I smiled and leaned my head to expose more of my neck.
     “Come on,” he gently pleaded, “Tell me you want to be your little slut.”
    “I want to be you little slut,” I replied quietly.
     I felt his dick harden against my back.  He ran his fingers down the crevasse between my breasts and gently caressed my nipple with his thumb.
     I inhaled sharply and felt a tingling between my legs.  I arched my back against him and guided his hand under my skirt and panties and to my clit.  He began rubbing it in just the right spot.
     “I want to see you get on your knees for another man and watch as you deep throat his big cock.   I want to see get on your hands and knees and take his big cock from behind.  I want to watch your ass shake with every powerful, deep thrust.  And then, I want to sink my dick into your pussy right after its been stretched out by him.”
     I wanted it. I wanted it so badly my panties dampened.  “I want you to see how well I can take another guy’s cock.  I want to suck your dick while you watch him fuck me.  I want you to make me gag while I’m getting fucked hard.  I want you both to fuck me.”
     I liked it rough.  I liked to obey and I wanted to be his little slut.  I needed to be his little slut.
     “So you want to do this?”
     “Yes, I need to do this.  I need you inside me now.  I want you to keep telling me how much you want me to be your little slut.”
     “Are you ready to meet him now?”
     “Right now?” I asked, my heart pounding nervously.
     He kissed my neck and rubbed my pussy.   It was almost like he was trying to remind me of how wet I was.”
     He replied, “He can be here in thirty minutes.”
     Fear began to well up inside me.  I was a planner and this was simply too spontaneous.  I wasn’t the go-with-the-flow type, especially not with something like this.
     He sensed my tension.  “Just relax,” he said as he began rubbing my clit again, “You were really into to it until you found out someone was coming today.  Don’t worry about it.  You guys are just meeting.  I wasn’t thinking we’d do anything today.”
     That was enough reassurance for me.  I wasn’t under pressure to do anything.  I was just meeting someone, relaxing and having a good time.  It was within my power to say no.
     So I sunk back into the fantasy, sunk back into the pleasure he was giving me and focused on his words.
     “That’s my girl.  I know how badly you want to be in the middle of me and another guy.”
     I arched my back against him and whimpered.  I wanted to experience what he was describing so badly.
     “I want to be filled up.  I want to be fucked by two guys at once.  I want to show you what a good little slut I am.”
     He gently bent me forward, so that I was bent over and grasping the arm of the couch.  He lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and rubbed my pussy, before gently inserting two fingers.
     “Yes, please,” I whispered in desperation.
     He moved his fingers in and out of my pussy getting rougher and harder with each stroke.  I begged him to finish me off.  I told him I’d do whatever he wanted.  I told him I wanted to feel another guy’s huge cock in my pussy.  And I wanted him there watching.
     I didn’t get a chance to cum.  His phone buzzed and he pulled his fingers out of me to check; even though, I begged him not to.
     “He’s here.  Now clean my fingers off like a good girl, so I can answer the door.”
     I dutifully sucked my juices from his fingers and then I waited for him to go downstairs and let him in.  I was flushed, a little nervous and yet confident.
     I don’t know what kind of man I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised. He was tall, dark and handsome and carried himself confidently.  My heart fluttered.  I smiled shyly and said, “hello.”
     We exchanged pleasantries and sat down to chat.  His name was David and I liked him instantly.  He was charming, funny, and attractive.  He seemed like a genuine person and was easy to talk to.  None of our conversation focused on a possible threesome and I began to believe my husband had been pulling my leg or doing nothing more than gauging my potential interest in a threesome with another man.
     But as the night progressed, there were signs that there may be a little something more to our meeting. I could swear David was flirting with me, but then again, I thought maybe I was imagining it.  He positioned himself so that he was sitting next to me while my husband sat down on the couch across from us.
     The conversation seemed to center around me.  I was growing giddy from a little too much wine and sunk into David and he responded by putting his arm around me.  My husband placed his hand on my knee.  It seemed so natural.
     I can’t remember who segued into talking about sex, but eventually we were discussing past sexual adventures.
     “Did my husband tell you how he wants to watch me get with another man?”
     David chuckled, “That’s why I’m here…to see if there’s chemistry between us.”
     I asked the obvious question, “So do you think there’s chemistry?”
     “I think there is,” he replied, “Do you?”
     “I think you’re alright,” I joked.
     There was an awkward pause and my husband couldn’t take it any longer.  “If there’s chemistry, why don’t you act on it?”
     I turned to David, smiled a somewhat shy smile, and began to unzip my dress.  He helped me unzip my dress and I lowered my top exposing my breasts.
     I traced my fingers along my breast invitingly. David followed suit, lightly caressing each nipple.  His touch, his gentle caress of each of my sensitive nipples was instantly arousing.  I whimpered softly.
     He went further and took my nipple in his mouth and flicked my nipple with his tongue.  My whimpers became louder.  My panties dampened.  I looked at my husband and our eyes met. The intense pleasure I felt clearly registered on my face.  He smiled at me in a way that showed he was clearly enjoying himself.  His reaction fueled my pleasure and made me want to take it further.
     I reached down between David’s legs and began rubbing his hard cock from the outside of his jeans.  “Take off your pants.  I need your dick in my mouth.”
     He quickly pulled down his pants and revealed his big dick, much bigger than my husband’s.  I wanted to feel him inside me right away, but I wanted to impress him with my oral skills and put on a little show for my husband.
     I pulled his skin taut and licked up the shaft, enjoying the sound of his sharp inhale at my touch.  I kissed the head of his penis and teased him a little bit before slipping his cock deep inside my mouth and down my throat.  I held him tightly at the bottom of his shaft and cupped his balls as I deep throated his cock, bobbing up and down.  He mumbled a few explicatives, which only made me try harder.
     When my throat could take no more, I stroked his shaft and turned to look at my husband.   He was smiling ear-to-ear.  The drool from sloppy blow job had dripped from chin onto my tits.  My breathing was heavy, my panties wet.  I had sucked another mans cock.  The evidence was all over me.  I obviously wanted to fuck this other man and my husband loved it.  I had never been so turned on.
     “Am I doing a good job?” I asked my husband.
     “I liked it,” he replied, still smiling, “I want to see more.”
     As he spoke, Dave slipped his hand between my legs, under my panties, and started massaging my clit.  I whimpered.  “I want you inside me,” I said, barely able to get the words out.
     I turned to my husband, “I want you to watch my ass shake as he fucks me doggy style..”
     David pulled down my panties and plunged his cock into my soaking wet pussy.  I lost myself in the pleasure.  He fucked me hard and deep.  I almost forgot about my husband until he began cheering me on.
     I said to my husband, “Come here and let me show you my appreciation for letting me have this big dick.  Come shove your dick in my mouth.”
     He did as he was told and I struggled to suck his dick while being fucked so very well by David.  Sucked him and stroked his shaft as he watched David fuck me hard and deep and listened to my enthusiastic moans.
     “I want to fuck your stretched out pussy,” my husband said, near breathless, “ss I watch you suck your cream off David’s dick.”
     So David and my husband switched places.  My husband slid his dick into me as I began sucking David’s dick.  My husband cussed in pleasured disbelief at how good my pussy felt.  I tried to put on a good show for him and suck and lick all my juices off David’s dick.
     As he pounded my pussy, my husband asked, “Are you ready to take his dick in your ass?”
    I could barely speak, but I managed to reply, “Yes, I want his cock in my ass so bad.”  I wanted my husband to know how much I wanted David’s cock in my ass.
    “Make sure you deep throat his cock, lube it up really good.”
     David grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head further down his cock.  I tried my best to push past my gag reflex and show David and more importantly my husband, how much I wanted to suck his cock.  I wanted them to see how good I was.
     David told me when he was ready.  He instructed me to get on all fours.  He grabbed my ass firmly with one hand and slowly worked his way into my ass.  I winced and whined with the first couple of thrusts into my ass.  I didn’t know if I could take such a big dick, but my ass soon stretched to accommodate him and I was soon desperate for him to go deeper and harder.
     As soon as David was in my ass, my husband stuck his dick in my mouth.   I felt so sexy and so proud for being able to take his big dick in my ass and felt so in love with my husband.  There was just one thing I wanted to do before either of them came.
     “I want you both inside me.”
     David leaned back on the couch and my husband knelt in front of me, and slid his dick inside me.  It was a little awkward at first, but soon I was getting fucked by two dicks at once.  The pleasure was too much for me to take.  I didn’t last long before I came, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body and leaving me breathless.
     Our guest of honor still needed to climax.
     “I want you to come inside me, David.”
     He instructed me to get on my knees.  He then pushed my head to the floor.  I arched my back downward, making my ass even more prominent for him.  He began thrusting deep inside me.  I rubbed my clit, the thought of him coming in my pussy doubling my pleasure.  My husband hovered above me with a camera, capturing my ecstasy as I took David’s thrusts.
     Finally, David let out a grunt and came. As soon as David pulled out and stepped away, my husband was there, instructing me to push out David’s come as he filmed.
     David left rather quickly.  Maybe, he felt a little awkward.  My husband and I didn’t care.  We were so in love with each other at that moment.  We wanted to be alone.
     I told my husband I loved him and thanked him for letting me be with another man.  We were soon kissing and undressing.  He rubbed my clit as I stroked his cock.  He laid me down, ready to reclaim my pussy.
     He spread my legs and fucked me missionary style.  He kept demanding I tell him how much I liked to deep throat another man’s cock, get fucked by another man’s cock, get cream pied by another man’s cock.  It was my fantasy come true and reliving it while my husband fucked me was the most pleasurable experience of my life.  I almost cried.  My husband seemed almost delirious with pleasure himself.  When he came, he let out a deep moan, a louder, more desperate moan than I’d ever heard.  He collapsed at my side and held me.
     We stayed together and held each other for a long time afterward, neither of us speaking, enjoying the after glow of our adventure.  We had discovered a way to make our love for each other grow even bigger.  It was the start of a new life together.


  1. Wow, love this story…so hot! I have this fantasy and loved your interpretation of the experience.

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