Lana’s Dream Come True with a Little Help from Her Husband and Her Best Friend

     Lana had never experienced a good FFM threesome.  She had tried twice before and each time became nothing more than an enhancement to the other two, never an equal participant.  She was always the person servicing and never the serviced.  She really wanted to make her dream threesome a reality, but she accepted the fact that her idea of a perfect threesome would probably always remain a fantasy.
     Whenever she’d think of arranging another threesome, whenever she’d think of how wonderful it could be, it should be, her mind would drift to and dwell on her past experiences.   She didn’t know which experience was worse.  Her first attempt  at a threesome was with another couple.  They’d promised her such a good time, but when it came time to have the threesome, Lana felt like nothing more than their sex toy.  She serviced them and they gave very little thought to her pleasure.  She felt like asking for money at the end, because after all, she was merely providing a service.
     Her next threesome should have gone better.  After all, she was in the couple this time and she and her husband, Ryan, were bringing in another girl.  Her husband promised her that she wouldn’t be the one doing all the servicing and the other woman said all the right things:  “I am there as an enhancement to you and your husband.”  “I want to make sure everyone has fun.”  She apparently forgot about that once she got into bed with Lana and Ryan.  For all the woman’s promises, she clearly was not into Lana and just wanted to use Lana as an enhancement to the sex she was having with Lana’s husband.  Lana’s husband made matters worse by catering to the needs of the other woman, clearly desiring the other woman more than Lana, and putting Lana squarely back into the position of service provider.  Again, Lana was placed in the role of enhancer, this time to the sex her own husband was having with the other woman.
     Understandably, Lana didn’t think she could ever try again.  Despite Ryan’s constant reassurances that their threesome would go so much better than her first, he forgot all those promises as soon as he had another woman in his bed. His thirst for the other woman took over.  Lana became pleasant scenery.  She felt used to enlarge their pleasure.  Her husband hurt her deeply.  She found it almost impossible to get past it.
     But she was left wanting.  Lana wanted her perfect threesome.  She liked seeing Ryan with someone else.  She could cum just from watching him have sex with another woman, but being sidelined took the thrill away and replaced it with jealousy and hurt. She didn’t think she could ever trust Ryan enough to try again.
     So Lana tried to forget about it.  She tried to ignore the longing she felt for the companionship and sex of a woman. She tried to quash her bisexual side. It took a lot of effort to keep such fantasies out of her head, but she managed to almost succeed.  The unfortunate side effect of this is she didn’t really think much of sex at all.
     Until she met Ally.  Lana felt herself immediately drawn to Ally.  Ally was a free spirit, outgoing, genuinely kind and loving and absolutely beautiful. Ally had long, dark wavy hair that she let flow naturally, forming a magnificent crown to her head. Her olive skin accentuated her light brown eyes beautifully.  Her breasts were small, perky, and consistently on display as she rarely wore a bra.  Her frame was slight, but the way she carried herself made her appear taller than she was.
     Ally’s beauty and personality reignited Lana’s sexuality. She found herself hoping Ally felt the same way about her. Hoping Ally loved Lana’s curves.  Her round butt and large breasts were usually quite the attention-grabbers. People often complimented Lana’s eyes, a beautiful shade of blue that accented her red hair nicely.
      Lana and Ally became instant best friends and shared everything. Each knew the other was bisexual and Lana sometimes felt a sexual tension, hanging in the air, that she could swear was mutual but wasn’t sure.  Ally dropped hints that she felt the same way, often seeming to struggle with giving into temptation. Ally even joked once that she’d totally ravage Lana if she could, but she would never do so out of respect for Lana’s husband.
     For her part, Lana found the tension ubearable.  Lana would often lose herself in the fantasy of what could be.  Lana even fantasized about sharing Ally with Ryan, but she kept her fantasies and desires to herself and never proposed the idea to Ally. She didn’t want Ally to think she befriended her as a possible threesome partner, but fantasies of being with Ally and Ryan often filled her head at the most inappropriate times.  She’d lose focus on conversations and often lost concentration at work.  She felt like a sex addict, like something was wrong with her, and she tried to ignore these invasive fantasies.  She held out hope that it might happen, but if it ever did happen, she wanted it to happen organically.
     Lana wasn’t the only one in her household who liked Ally.  Ryan thought Ally was a cool person and liked having her around.  He appreciated her presence in Lana’s life.  Lana had not had a close,  and frankly stable friend, in a long time.  He was never jealous of her. He trusted his wife completely; although, he did kid her about her obvious crush on Ally.  He joked that if anything ever happened he, at the very least, wanted to watch.  Lana would laugh off his teasing.
     Lana continued to struggle to resist her feelings for Ally until one day, when she couldn’t do it any longer.  She’d had just the right amount of alcohol to allow her feelings to take over.  Lana and Ally were sitting next to each other on the couch watching TV, while Lana’s husband watched from his favorite recliner.   They were all laughing, drinking, having such a good time, it seemed only natural that Lana would hold Ally in her arms.  It seemed only natural that she’d hold her hands.  It felt natural for Ally to lean her into the crook of Lana’s neck.  It seemed only natural for Ally to lean in for a kiss.
     The kiss was gentle and sweet.  Lana relished the soft feel of Ally’s lips and instantly ached for more.  She longed for full intimacy with Ally.  Lana’s kiss turned more passionate, revealing her longing to Ally.  Lana almost forgot about her husband.
     But Ally didn’t.  She broke away from the kiss and smiled at Ryan.  “Do you care if I take advantage of your wife?”
     He smiled, “Don’t let me stop you.”
     “Okay,” Ally replied, looking at me, “Let’s take off our shirts and give him a good show then.”
     Lana and Ally giggled as they took off their shirts.  Passion soon overtook humor as they kissed and caressed each others breasts, emitting sharp moans as fingers began playing with nipples   They were soon struggling to take off each others pants, fingers clumsy with lust.  They stood, each taking off their own pants, suddenly nude in front of each for the first time.  They stood silently for just a moment, enjoying the sight of one another’s nudity before pulling each other close and kissing sloppily, with feverish desire.  Hands found their way to clits, each bringing so much pleasure to the other that they could barely stand.
     Finally, Lana pulled Ally to the floor.  Lana laid on the floor and guided Ally so that she was crouched over her.  Lana took in her smell before tasting her sweetness for the first time.  Lana loved hearing Ally’s moans become more and more strained as came closer to coming.  Lana reached up Ally’s body, supporting her as she slouched forward, the pressure of her impending orgasm overcoming her.  Lana leaned in and worked her clit more feverishly as Ally struggled to move.
     Finally, Ally cried out, “Oh my God!” and collapsed onto Lana, her cute, little ass, so close to Lana’s face, she couldn’t resist a little swat.
     “You’re good, but I’m better,” Ally teased.
     “Prove it,” Lana retorted.
     Ally’s challenge resulted in a sweet reward for Lana.  Ally started by rubbing on Lana’s clit before taking it into her mouth.  Lana hung on to Ally’s legs as the pleasure rushed through her body.  Her own moans were louder than Ally’s.  Her orgasm rocked her, leaving no doubt who won the challenge.
     Lana chuckled through still heavy breaths, “And Ally wins!”
    Ryan applauded.  All the while Lana and Ally were having sex, Ryan had been silently watching.  Maybe, he had been hoping for an invitation, but he was delightfully patient.  He hadn’t interrupted or made it about him.  Lana smiled at him.  “Perhaps, he’s learned from his mistakes,” she thought, but said nothing aloud, not wanting to ruin it.
     Ally laughed softly, “Should we let your husband in on the action?”
    Lana smiled, grateful that it was Ally who extended the invitation.   Lana  joked, “I guess. He’s been a good boy.”
    Ally and Lana laughed at the way he lept out of his chair and then immediately seemed at a loss as to what to do.
     Lana took the lead, dropped to her knees, pulled down his pants, and exposed his large cock. She held it taut and presented it to Ally.  Ally slid her mouth down his shaft, taking most of him into her mouth.
     Lana smiled at the pleasure on her husband’s face.  She stroked the bottom half of his shaft as Ally sucked the top half.
     Her husband’s breathing grew sharper, he almost sounded pained.
     “Let’s not make him cum yet,” Lana said, her own voice heavy with desire.  She turned to Ally, “I want to lay on top of you as he fucks you.”
     Ally kissed her passionately in response and laid down on a chaise, pulling Lana down on top of her.  Her husband eagerly slid into Ally, causing both of them to inhale sharply.  Lana whimpered slightly, turned on by the sound of Ally’s moans and her husband having sex with Ally as she lay against Ally’s curves, feeling them shake with each of Ryan’s thrusts.
      Lana encouraged her husband, “Fuck her hard. Make her cum.”
     The harder he fucked Ally, the more turned on Lana became and edged her closer to orgasm  until she felt a sweet, pulsating release.  For the first time, Lana came without any direct stimulation.
     Lana kissed Ally and enjoyed the waves of pleasure washing over her. Ally kissed her passionately as she neared her own climax.  She whined against Lana’s lips as she came.
     “Your turn, ” Ally said to Lana.
     Lana took her turn lying on top of Ally.  She rested her breasts against Ally’s. She kissed her passionately, her need almost desperate. Her husband grabbed her ass and slowly slid into her.  The wait for her turn, the immense need that consumed her, caused his entry to feel better than it had in memory, her need for him that intense.   She needed an intense fuck to match her need.
     Lana cried out to him, demanding, “Fuck me hard, hard!”
     He fucked her the way she needed.  She could barely speak to him, her desire  for him frenzied, she became lost in the pleasure.  She buried her head in Ally’s neck, her moans were guttural, her mind in almost a trance.
     When she came, her orgasm shook her both internally and externally.  She trembled slightly. Ally kissed her softly.
    They all stood.  Her husband kissed her. Ally wrapped her arms around waist. Lana felt so loved.
     Ally leaned in and kissed Lana, gently at first and then more passionately as their desire for each other was renewed. Lana’s husband grabbed her breasts and slowly stroked, causing Lana to whimper against  a sudden and uncontrollable need for them both.
    Ally broke from Lana and looked her in the eyes. Lana saw a seriousness in Ally’s eyes, her own need as intense as Lana’s. Ally pushed Lana into a seated position on the couch. She crouched down and kissed Lana gently on the lips.  Ally ran her hand down Lana’s body until she reached her clit, rubbing it gently at first, renewing Lana’s need.  Lana’s kisses became more zealous as her pleasure steadily increased.
    Ally broke from her kiss, pinned Lana against the couch, and began kissing down her body. She flicked her tongue over each of Lana’s nipples, just enough to tease her, before moving on to her stomach, and finally ending at her clit.
    Lana gasped and muttered, “Please” as Ally began to work Lana’s clit in her mouth.
    Lana watched as her husband grabbed Ally’s ass with two hands and slid into her.  Ally moaned against Lana’s clit.
    Lana wanted to see her husband pound against Ally’s ass.  “Make her scream baby, fuck her hard.”
    Her husband did as he was told and the view, the sight of Ally’s ass jiggling against her husband’s thrusts, brought Lana to orgasm.  She pulled Ally’s head up and guided her to her lips, kissing her passionately, thanking her through her kisses for the orgasm she received and wanting more.   She rubbed Ally’s clit and with her husband’s help, made her cum.
     Her husband, chuckled, struggled to catch his breath.  “What now?’
     “Can you take any more?” Lana teased.
     “Maybe I can lay down and the two of you can ride me.”
     “I like that idea,” Ally replied.
     And so her husband laid down and Ally helped guide his dick into Lana.  Lana moaned slightly as she felt her husband slide inside her.  Ally straddled Ryan’s face and he began working her clit with her tongue, bringing Ally instant pleasure.   Ally and Lana kissed each other gently and caressed each other’s breasts as they slowly grinded against Ryan.   They let the pleasure slowly envelop them, becoming entranced with each other, focused solely on the mounting pleasure they were sharing.
     Ally came first and went to Lana’s aid.   Ally rubbed Lana’s clit as she and her husband encouraged her to come for them.    Lana relished being the center of attention.   She grinded against her husband almost desperately.  She could feel that she was on the edge of a huge orgasm.
     “I’m so closed,” Lana whined, desperately wanting to feel the explosion of pleasure she knew was coming.
     “Come for me,” Ally replied.
     “Come baby,” her husband groaned.
     The encouragement, the special attention, pushed Lana over the edge toward  sweet release.  Her head tingled.  She couldn’t move.
     “Are you alright?” Ally teased.
     “I don’t think I can move.”
     Lana looked down at her husband.  “You haven’t cum yet,” she said feeling bad for him.
     “It’s ok.  I had fun and I needed to work hard and last long to please the two of you.”
     Ally smiled, “I think we might be able to help you out.”
    “Stand up,” she ordered.
     Ally and Lana dropped to their  knees, both wanting to bring him the same pleasure he had brought them. Lana and Ally took turns, one stroked him while the other sucked his dick.
    As she stroked him, Lana said, “I want you to come on our faces.”
     Lana loved hearing her husband’s sharp inhales and the very slight moans he emitted under his breath.  She knew when her husband was getting close.  She nodded to Ally.  They got into position and helped Ryan with the last few strokes with mouths agape and tongues out.
     Finally, he let out a groan and came a little on each of them.  Ally licked the drop of come that still hung from the end of his shaft.
     Her husband, still looking down on the two naked women, with his semen dripping down their  faces and said, “Well this was fun.”
     Lana and Ally laughed.  It was such a simple and obvious statement that it tickled them immensely.
     Afterwards, they hung out for awhile before Ally kissed them both good night and left.  Lana’s husband hugged her and retreated to bed, exhausted due to all the work he had put in.  Lana kissed him good night, loving him and loving Ally for treating her so well and finally fulfilling her fantasy.


  1. Salvation says:

    Your experience is common, because it’s very uncommon for both partners in a committed relationship to be equally committed to the idea of a threesome. In almost every case, no way is the man going to invite in another man. Most of the time the men are working to entice another woman while they work on the woman they already have to convince her this is a good idea, which rarely works. Frustrating.

    • It would drive me insane when I’d learn that the male part of the couple would never invite in another man but was committed to finding another woman for a threesome. It was so inequitable, but the guy’s girlfriend or wife would always say, “I wouldn’t want to sleep with another man.”

      • Salvation says:

        i think that’s a more common sentiment among women. What I didn’t like was the man spending a month talking about it as if he and his wife were both equally in, only to find later he’s never mentioned it to her and he was just hopeful she’d dive right in (which never happens)

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