ABC’s of Sex: R is for Rescue

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had hit rock bottom. She lost her job, then her car, and then her landlord started talking eviction. She lost hope. She needed saving. She prayed for rescue. And then, when she felt completely lost, he found her. Her knight in shining armor. He found her […]

The Chase Part 1 by SlaveZ

Holding my breath, afraid to make a sound as I wait under cover of darkness. I hear your approach. You step out into a pillar of light, your broad shoulders highlighted in the bright beam as the rest of you is cast in shadow. Mist plumes from your mouth as you exhale slowly trying to […]


I dreamt about you last night. I dreamed you were somewhere behind me, just out of reach. I searched for you in the darkness. I wanted to feel the safety of your arms. The softness of your lips. Your naked body against mine. And then you began to materialize before me. I tentatively touched your […]

Reuniting (Another excerpt from my novel)

I saw Blake staring at me from the middle of the room. I wanted him to kiss me, but I didn’t want him to know it. I played it casual. “Okay, are you ready?” “Yeah, come here and I’ll lead you down.” My heartbeat quickened. I moved toward him hesitantly.  The beer, the weed, the […]

ABC’s of Sex: K is for Kinky

Marta is a seemingly normal girl.  She has a normal social life.  She goes to school like any normal girl her age.  She’s studying to be a nurse and excels in her courses.  But Marta has a secret:  she’s a very kinky girl. Marta has quite the collection of kinky toys and outfits.  Handcuffs, nipple […]

Work Story (Part 2-the finale) by SlaveZ

“No one will know. It’ll be our secret.” I look up at him and nod my head. If I speak I may ruin the moment and I want so badly for what we started to continue. He crushes his mouth back against mine before I do say anything I’ll regret. Eager and hungry for more, […]

ABC’s of Sex: G is for Girl Crush

My first time with a girl was the best sex I ever had.  Jennifer was my boss and the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on.  Her skin was the color of caramel.  Her hair long and black.  Her eyes the shape of almonds.  Her lips full and so kissable.  But it was her […]

The Lewd Finger by Special Guest Blogger J. D’Angelo

Pete sat on the edge of the bed, naked. His cock was erect and his right hand was gently stroking up and down its full length. A good eight inches and thick. His eyes followed my every move as I gyrated in front of the full-length mirror on the wardrobe. My back was towards him […]

Work Story Part 1 by SlaveZ

I walk up to the office building wondering if I’ll see him today. He is usually running from one place to another and I’m usually back in my office for most of the day. So we often miss each other. Pushing my way through the revolving door, I think about the last time I saw […]

ABC’s of Sex: L is for Love

I have so many good memories of my time with him.  Young and desperately in love.  Sitting in the shade of an oak tree and having a picnic.  Camping, canoeing, the amusement park.  Eating, drinking, getting high, making love.  He was my best friend.  I’ve never been as close to someone as I was to […]