A Little Rant about being the Unicorn in a FFM Threesome and What I Learned from my Experiences

No one considers how hard it can be to be the unicorn.  I know from experience, I was that unicorn for a few crazy months.  While I was treated like a commodity and people were really excited to talk to me, my needs were almost totally overlooked.  I felt both revered and resented.  This is […]

Thigh Gaps: Another Ridiculous Weight Loss Trend

    My newest column for Fatal Foxes is a comical look at the thigh gap trend: The latest overblown beauty trend is the thigh gap.  When you stand with your feet together, your thighs aren’t supposed to touch. The bigger the gap, the better.  And this is put forth by some as the standard […]

How to Get Your Woman to Sex You Right

It started as a rant to my boyfriend and became a column. http://www.fatalfoxes.com/how-to-get-your-woman-to-sex-you-right/ Site is down, so here is the full text: I’ve been accused of only writing for women.  This is probably a direct consequence of being a woman.  Well, in this column, I’m going to help all you men by instructing you on […]

The Pinup Girl Within

While I’m finishing part 2 of F&@!K THE PROM KING, I decided to post a link to the column I wrote that convinced me I should start writing again.  It’s what I hope is an amusing column about how I sat for a pinup shoot, loved the results, but felt too constrained by what everyone would […]