The Chase Part 1 by SlaveZ

Holding my breath, afraid to make a sound as I wait under cover of darkness. I hear your approach. You step out into a pillar of light, your broad shoulders highlighted in the bright beam as the rest of you is cast in shadow. Mist plumes from your mouth as you exhale slowly trying to […]

Work Story (Part 2-the finale) by SlaveZ

“No one will know. It’ll be our secret.” I look up at him and nod my head. If I speak I may ruin the moment and I want so badly for what we started to continue. He crushes his mouth back against mine before I do say anything I’ll regret. Eager and hungry for more, […]

Work Story Part 1 by SlaveZ

I walk up to the office building wondering if I’ll see him today. He is usually running from one place to another and I’m usually back in my office for most of the day. So we often miss each other. Pushing my way through the revolving door, I think about the last time I saw […]

The Night We Broke by Guest Blogger SlaveZ

I’ve already had too much to drink. I know I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow but I don’t care. My heart and head have been heavy. There’s been too much going through my mind. I need a few drinks to let it all go. Unfortunately it seems the alcohol has had the opposite effect and the thoughts […]

My Hard and Heavy Dream by Guest Blogger SlaveZ

You push me toward our room, backward up the stairs while your fist is still clenched tightly around my left wrist and the other pushing my hip upwards. As soon as we’ve reached the top of the stairs, you slam me against the wall and your tongue begins its assault on my mouth. Forcing your […]

“A Night Out” by Special Guest Blogger SlaveZ

I stand at the bar next to him sipping my fifth or sixth drink. They’re nice and strong so I’m not sure if I’ve really lost count or I’m just drunk enough to have lost count. His hand is around my waist and his fingertips are gently playing at the string of my thong that […]