The Outcast Part 2

Before seventh grade, I belonged to a clique. The most unpopular clique of them all, but I had friends. Our sole goal was social acceptance. To be acknowledged by the popular girls. To be wanted by the unattainable boys. We spoke to them as if they were our friends. They spoke to us with absolute […]

The Outcast Part I-An Introduction of Sorts

I have no problem writing the middle of the book or the ending, but I’m having trouble with the beginning. I want it to be from her point of view, but I’m not sure if this is the way to do it. Any critique is welcome. I’m twenty-one years old, in my last year of […]

Changing Focus… or Maybe Just Expanding

A few years ago I began writing a dark coming-of-age story about a social outcast with a hard knock life. I wrote whenever I could-when my child was napping, on my phone during my hour long commute, or any other spare moment I had. I poured my heart and soul into the book, and yet […]