Mariela’s Dilemma Part 2

Mariela’s heart sunk when she saw the text from Michael.  She knew she couldn’t get back together with him.  Not after what she did. Guilt overwhelmed her.  She hadn’t even left Charle’s house.  She was still laying in his bed, naked.  She had to get out of there.  She had to get away from the […]

The Night We Broke by Guest Blogger SlaveZ

I’ve already had too much to drink. I know I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow but I don’t care. My heart and head have been heavy. There’s been too much going through my mind. I need a few drinks to let it all go. Unfortunately it seems the alcohol has had the opposite effect and the thoughts […]

ABC’s of Sex: N is for Naughty

It started with an innocent game of truth or dare.   One girl trying to outdo the other.  Melissa and Jennifer trying to think of inventive little dares for each other.  It ended with a night they’d never forget. The game started at Melissa’s apartment.  Each girl daring the other to do silly little things, like […]

ABC’s of Sex: E is for Exotic Dancer

I’m a woman who is sexually attracted to other women.  I’m not romantically interested in them, so I don’t date them.  Instead, I get my jollies at strip clubs. I get such a high from a good lap dance.  Every dopamine in mind is triggered and I can’t stop smiling during or afterward.  I can’t […]

My Hard and Heavy Dream by Guest Blogger SlaveZ

You push me toward our room, backward up the stairs while your fist is still clenched tightly around my left wrist and the other pushing my hip upwards. As soon as we’ve reached the top of the stairs, you slam me against the wall and your tongue begins its assault on my mouth. Forcing your […]

Loving Him

Before I met him, I was dying inside.  My mind, which often betrays me, was at war with itself.  Dragging me down to the depths of depression and anxiety.  Telling me I was worthless.  I didn’t deserve happiness and would never find it. Then I met him and he revived me.  He showed me how […]

ABC’s of Sex: F is for Fantasy

Tara likes to play pretend.  She loves to role play.  Live out the fantasies she dreams of while living her otherwise normal life.  And her husband is her willing victim. Sometimes, she’s a feudal courtesan.  She puts on her tightest corset.  Lace ruffled panties.  Garter belt and white stockings.  She serves her husband tea and […]

“A Night Out” by Special Guest Blogger SlaveZ

I stand at the bar next to him sipping my fifth or sixth drink. They’re nice and strong so I’m not sure if I’ve really lost count or I’m just drunk enough to have lost count. His hand is around my waist and his fingertips are gently playing at the string of my thong that […]

Bicurious (part 2- a short addendum)

“You haven’t had enough yet?” she asked with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. “No, I’m just getting started,” I replied. I pulled her close and kissed her again, slowly, enjoying the feel of her breasts against mine.  I intertwined my legs with hers so I could be closer to her.  So I could feel […]

Taking Control

I like to take control and he let’s me.  I straddle him as he sits on the couch.  I massage his shoulders as I kiss him.  I nibble on his ears and then his neck.  I unbutton and unzip his pants.  Get on my knees.   Pull out his hard cock and lick up one side […]