ABC’s of Sex: D is for Dominatrix

Carla is a librarian.  Quiet, shy, conservative, nice.  Everyone loves her.  Everyone thinks they know who she is, but they only know half of Carla.  They have no idea what lies underneath. Carla tries to keep herself busy at an otherwise boring job.  She helps people find books.  She sorts the books and puts them […]

ABC’s of Sex: S is for Submissive

I love being tied up, spanked, choked.  I love being at someone’s mercy.  Surrendering control and obeying commands.  Being the perfect submissive. My preferences in the bedroom are a complete departure from how I act in my every day life.  I run a small company.  I have to give orders all day long.  Make decisions […]

ABC’s of Sex: A is Arousal

My pinhead boss sent me to the library to research concrete specifications to determine if there was some basis on which to establish negligence against our client.  I wanted to go take a deposition.  Argue a motion in court.  I wanted to do something, anything, to distract myself from thinking about the night before.  And […]

Mariela’s Dilemma (Part 1)

She thought he was leaving her.  That’s why she did it.  She took him at his word.  So she found a stranger, took him home and slept with him.  Tried to forget.  Get over the pain of it.  But, it didn’t work.  And now he wanted her back. But the stranger wanted her too. Mariela […]

A Lovely Evening

Now for something really short and really dirty: I wanted him from the first kiss.  My body demanded it.  My breasts screamed for his touch.  My panties dampened.  My need led my actions. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into the kiss.  I moaned softly against his lips. I didn’t stop kissing […]

ABC’s of Sex: V is for Voyeurism

Lyla liked to be watched.  She loved an audience. Stripping for strangers turned her on.  She loved seeing the looks on their faces as she got naked. It was the only thing in her otherwise boring life that excited her.  That’s why she loved dancing at the peep show. Gina liked to watch.  She couldn’t […]

Peeping Tom

This started out as part of my ABC series, V is for Voyeurism, but it’s not true voyeurism and is a little creepy.  I wanted to keep it though,  so I changed the title and am putting it out there.  Creepiness and all. Marissa was a waitress at Lisa’s favorite café.  Lisa ate breakfast there […]

Excerpt from my novel

I’m getting lazy and am posting a sex scene from my dark coming of age novel.  Lana has just broken up with her boyfriend Scooby for the guy she really loved, Blake.  Sean and Jason are their friends. The guys remained silent. “If it’s Scooby, I’m running away.” It was Blake.  I was fucked up […]

ABC’s of Sex: C is for Corrupt

The following is a rough draft of a story that will hopefully be turned into a short film, in which a model will be brought in to act it out-without the sex.  At the end of each short film, the word will come on the screen.  It’s hard to write a story knowing these parameters. […]

Needing Him

He’s been gone for so long and I need him here with me.  I need to feel his hands on my body.  Running down my legs and up my inner thighs to my stomach.  Running over my breasts and then down my back to my ass. I need him to undress me.  Lift my dress […]