A Little Rant about being the Unicorn in a FFM Threesome and What I Learned from my Experiences

No one considers how hard it can be to be the unicorn.  I know from experience, I was that unicorn for a few crazy months.  While I was treated like a commodity and people were really excited to talk to me, my needs were almost totally overlooked.  I felt both revered and resented.  This is […]

F&@!k the Prom King (Part 5) the Finale

I’m watching him sleep.  His chest rising and falling.  Looking so handsome, his bare, muscular arms laying on top of the blanket.  I love him so much.  I know I made the right decision. I’ve been up all night.  Things went too well with Blake.  It felt like old times.  Like we were still best […]

My bad side

I’ve been misbehaving lately. And I’m usually such a good girl. So straight-laced. So conservative. So career-oriented. A feminist. But that’s not who I am. I have a bad side I keep hidden. I have needs I don’t explore. Desires I keep in check. Until recently. Until I met him. My bad influence and my […]

F&@!K the Prom King (Part 4)

I’m home from the reunion. Home with Marcus. Giving him what I wish I could give the prom king. Seeing Blake again has only made me want him more. When I woke up this morning, I questioned whether I was sane for wanting to go to the reunion. I knew I was taking a huge […]