Poor Virginia (Part 2)

Fantasy turned to dread as Virginia pulled into the parking lot of her apartment complex.  The sun had set and she hadn’t checked in with Michael since he left her at the auto show.  She hadn’t even checked her phone.   He was going to be furious and would never believe any excuse she could invent. […]

Poor Virginia (Part 1)

Virginia had a hard knock life. She never knew her father. Her mother, an alcoholic and a drug addict, abandoned her when she was 15, forcing her to survive on her own. She did so by floating from one menial job to the next. Two years ago, she moved to Los Angeles dreaming of a […]

F&@!k the Prom King (Part 5) the Finale

I’m watching him sleep.  His chest rising and falling.  Looking so handsome, his bare, muscular arms laying on top of the blanket.  I love him so much.  I know I made the right decision. I’ve been up all night.  Things went too well with Blake.  It felt like old times.  Like we were still best […]

My bad side

I’ve been misbehaving lately. And I’m usually such a good girl. So straight-laced. So conservative. So career-oriented. A feminist. But that’s not who I am. I have a bad side I keep hidden. I have needs I don’t explore. Desires I keep in check. Until recently. Until I met him. My bad influence and my […]

F&@!K the Prom King (Part 4)

I’m home from the reunion. Home with Marcus. Giving him what I wish I could give the prom king. Seeing Blake again has only made me want him more. When I woke up this morning, I questioned whether I was sane for wanting to go to the reunion. I knew I was taking a huge […]

The Romantic Angst of a Middle School Outcast (excerts from my diaries)

I  kept diaries from about age 9 until well into my twenties.  My five year middle school journal is my favorite for all its comedic gems.  If I strain hard enough I can see the beginnings of a romance writer, or I could’ve just been the typical, boy-crazy ten year old.    Like any romantic, […]

F&@!k the Prom King (Part 3)

Marcus is feeling better about the reunion.  He’s been putting on a quite a show in the bedroom almost every night since I told him about the reunion.  He’s confident that his mastery of all sexual skills will keep me from wanting Blake.  And I’ve told him almost every night that he’s the best I’ve […]

F&@!K the Prom King (Part 2)

Since reading my journals, I’ve become consumed by memories of Blake.  I forgot the intensity with which I loved him.  The fun we had together.  The happiness I felt every day I was with him. I forgot how special our relationship was because of how badly it ended.  I want to be in love like […]

F&@!K the Prom King (Part 1)

He was the prom king.  I was the outcast who loved him.   He befriended me when no one else would speak to me.  He loved me when I thought no one else could.  I thought we’d be together forever.  But he dumped me right before we started college.  And even after ten years, the sting […]